Christmas Puts Half of Women at Unwanted Pregnancy Risk

Christmas brings about quite a few problems like the possibility of bickering with your relatives or gobbling up unnecessary amounts of food – yet some other hazards may crop up, as emerges from a recent survey. It appears that the risk of getting pregnant out of turn runs rather high for over 50% of women!


It came out that 51% of women are likely to leave their contraceptive pills behind or just forget to take it, so the festivity may well end up with unwanted pregnancy.

The researchers say that numerous visits, tough day schedules and alcohol at parties all pile up to make women neglect their pills.

The investigation was initiated by LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor that regularly registers a 32% boost of online orders for contraception products in the Christmastime. The pharmacy conducted a survey of 2,000 female clients and came up with the information that 17% of them were too inebriated to remember about the pill, while 14% confessed to omitting to take it because they were caught up in the festive swirl.

Also, for over 15% of the polled it added up to several days without a pill, which sent them in chase of repeat prescription. And it’s not a trivial matter, since over 30% said they were hard put to it to find a medico over the holidays.

Almost a third of the total admitted to forgetting to pack the pill when they left to spend the holiday at their relatives’ or friends’.

The consequence is that 13% of women had to go through Christmas without the pill, and 7% owned up to needing one after the office party.

Contraceptive services peaking after weekends is nothing new for LloydsPharmacy Online, states Dr Tom Brett, LloydsPharmacy’s Medical Director, but still orders grow noticeably starting since November, when people begin to get festive and restive. Sadly, it coincides with reduced working days at GP surgeries, and a number of women are left stranded.

Quite a lot of them do not realize that they can order contraceptives online. Of the polled only 5% said they contacted an online pharmacy, whereas almost half are ready to pay a little extra if they could have the pill prescribed and delivered to wherever they happen to be.

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