8 Tips on How to Be a Good Company

People are not charmed by you when they come across you in a company? You fail to produce the kind of impression you would like to? Well, it can be remedied to an extent, although you may be leading a routine and eventless life on the outside. Here are listed some things which can make you more scintillating in a company and more memorable to the people you meet.


1. Learn more about life

Those who know many facts on a subject will be able to lead the conversation or at least come up with remarks that will sound fresh and interesting. A good conversationalist is bound to know a lot so they can keep the ball rolling. Make sure your contribution to the conversation is meaningful and charged with facts.

Read books, watch documentaries, listen to lectures on the Internet, especially if you don’t know the first thing on the subject. Try to be up-to-date with what is going on in the world, read the news. Keep in mind that there is knowledge that is not to be acquired through formal channels. Think of new topics you would like to learn information about.

2. Collect stories

A good conversationalist’s life is often full of incidents that they recount. They may not be something of great importance, they just need to have conversational value. Try and get together a bunch of stories to share.

You can do that when traveling, and it doesn’t have to be another continent – you can run into something exciting on the way to your friend in another part of the state.

Let yourself be entangled into new situations, don’t shy away from attending parties where you don’t know anybody – these are good sources of possible stories!

Document everything you do, the places you go to, the interesting sites you visit, so you can always share photos.

3. Be involved into whatever you do

You will be at your most interesting when you are interested! If you are deeply involved in your activity, you will never feel bored and consequently won’t be boring everyone around you with your attitude. Be open to everything around you and take it in.

When you are talking to a person, be sure to maintain eye contact and don’t get distracted by your cell phone. Listen to everything he or she wants to say.

Even if you feel that what you say is interesting, take care not to speak too much, giving other people their turn to speak out. Keep the conversation in good balance, don’t show off as a selfish person.

Going about your life, learn to pay attention to small details, buildings and things around you, think of whether it would be appropriate to comment on it. You may get the reputation of an attentive person!

4. Socialize more

Don’t think twice of entering into conversation with everyone you meet. Complete strangers may turn out to be engaging fellows you would like to know! Give people a chance to show themselves to you, and show yourself to them.

Get to know your friends’ friends. When your friends come round, suggest they bring with them somebody they like. Talk to waiters, drivers, people who service you and your car, etc. If you catch sight of somebody who seems interesting to you, come over to exchange words with them, there’s absolutely no harm in it – if you’re not accustomed to behaving like this, other people are.

5. Don’t overreact

Others will talk to you more freely if you are not inclined to express judgment on their ideas and beliefs, or are not given to react too sensitively to what they say. It’s all right to get drawn into a friendly argument now and again, but take care not to be too pressing with what you think – other people are entitled to have their own opinions! Remain tolerant to their ideas even if they clash with yours.

6. Get involved in hobbies, go in for crafts, sports, learn to play an instrument

You will be meeting many new people with plenty of topics for conversation from the outset, while developing and displaying your talents and abilities. Also, you will be learning a great deal of exciting information fast. The most popular hobbies for you to choose from are photography, cooking, singing, painting, golfing, horseback and bicycle riding, crafts.

7. Create your own style

Of course you begin to draw people’s attention with the way you dress. Fortunate changes in your appearance are sure to be noticed and judged. You address others with your clothes long before you open your mouth. Use your imagination to create a unique ensemble from the current fashion trend and your own personal touches.

Put in impressive features with accessories, have various scarves, handbags, bijous to effect quick changes in your attire. Don’t shun thrift stores where you can purchase really unique pieces.

8. Be what you are

If you pretend to be somebody else or are imitating a personality you admire, it doesn’t mean you will be appreciated for your own worth; it will be tiring in the end. You won’t be disguising yourself eternally, better showcase what good sides you have and try to tone down your less desirable traits.

When recounting your events, avoid showing them in a negative shade – even if things could be better, try to employ a more positive attitude, emphasize the bright side of life to make yourself look brighter!

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