How to Stop Smoking Easily in 6 Steps?

Ordinary English accountant Allen Carr became world famous when he invented an easy way to quit smoking, wrote a bestseller with the appropriate title and founded an international network of clinics, where 95 percent of the clients really quitted smoking easily. The effectiveness of Allen Carr’s book about an easy way of quitting is about the same – only 5 percent of the readers do not give up smoking after reading it!


What is the secret of such phenomenal success? No long-term treatment, hypnosis and coding. No shock therapy and intimidation with dire consequences of smoking (the majority of smokers are well aware of them and yet continue to smoke).

So what mysterious force makes even a heavy smoker throw away the cigarette once and forever, and most importantly, no longer feel the craving for it? Miracles, witchcraft, or magic? Or is it still hypnosis? Nothing like that. The only thing that Allen Carr does is helping the smoker purify the mind and literally put the brain in its right place. Any habit – not only smoking, but addiction to computer games or the habit of biting nails – occurs when people do not quite realize what exactly they are doing and what happens to them at the same time. The more one has the habit, the more it takes you away from reality, plunging into unconsciousness, and then in the world of illusions.

So, computer games can create the illusion of a busy and useful activity, actually being mostly empty pastime. In regard to smoking, you may think that it helps to relieve stress, have fun, keep the conversation going – whereas in reality it’s just an illusion.

Allen Carr’s system just helps to get away from the illusions and return to the reality. It turns out that it is necessary and sufficient to quit once and for all. So, you need to make just a few steps.

1. Realize that you did not start smoking on your own

It was not you who took such a decision – someone took it for you. No sane person of sound mind and memory will take a conscious decision to permanently poison himself /herself. You just have been persuaded into believing that you need to smoke, as other people do – perhaps, the people who are meaningful to you. Cigarette advertising also plays a significant role, and you succumb to this suggestion, which certainly pleases the producers of tobacco, but, alas, brings harm to you.

2. Realize that you have nothing to lose by quitting smoking

Most smokers cannot quit because of the fear that they will lose a lot: for example, they will no longer enjoy the parties, will not be able to relax, cope with any business without a cigarette. If you realize that the cigarette is actually of no help to you, that its “help” is illusory – you will really find it easy to quit smoking. Maybe, you think that the taste of cigarettes is pleasant? It is nothing but an illusion: remember your first cigarette. Does it seem nice to you? It must have had a disgusting taste. And this taste has not changed since then, you have just taught the body to admit it and convinced yourself that it’s nice. If you think you can’t quit abruptly, you can take baby steps and use those portable vaporizers or e-cigs. A lot of people have observed that switching to vaping has helped them to start on the path of quitting smoking and they enjoy the health benefits of it. There are a lot of products on the market, but many people find firefly 2 vape the most useful ones for this purpose.

3. Smoke your last cigarette and do it consciously

Feel its real taste, and you will notice that it is nasty. Smoke and feel aware what you are doing, what it gives you and why you thought that you needed it.

4. Avoid Nicotine

Having smoked the last cigarette, give yourself a promise that you will not use any substitutes – electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches, candies, etc.

5. Enjoy Being a Non-Smoker

Every time you have obsessive thoughts about cigarettes and that it would be nice to smoke, think immediately: “Hurrah! I’m a non-smoker!”

6. Decide never to envy those who smoke

Instead, start to feel sorry for smokers: these are sick, poor, addicted people, and you, in contrast, are a free and happy man!

One of the reasons that many are hesitant to give up smoking is that they are afraid of terrible suffering in the process of quitting the nicotine habit. But in fact, this addiction is not as strong as drug addiction, for example. Giving up nicotine does not cause any physical suffering or pain.

Yes, the “little monster”, as Allen Carr called this addiction does exist, but it is not physical, it is in your mind. And that is why this “monster” will die soon enough if you do not “feed” him. Note that the above-mentioned algorithm works fine not only for giving up smoking but also when dropping other bad habits. So right now you can give up the obsessive addiction to playing cards by saying to yourself: “Hurrah! I do not play games anymore!” And you will go back to real life, which is much more beautiful than the illusory world, in which we are surrounded by the bad habits that forge the brain instead of helping us.

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