10 Ways How Love Changes You

Your heart tells you when you are falling in love, and you sure know it, but do you know that your body reacts even before the heart does? Yes, there are ways your body changes as soon as you’ve got the love bug, do you want to know how? Here are the most remarkable changes your body registers.


1. Brain Reacts Instantly

The brain knows first you’re caught; even before you realize it, recounts a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine; in a fifth of a second a dozen regions in your brain awaken. It seems that all kinds of love are first-sight love!

2. Your Heart Beats Quieter

Your hormone level is also instantly affected, your blood pressure goes down and the heartbeat becomes slower.

3. Love Disrupts Sleep

The Journal of Adolescent Health reminds that thoughts about your loved one keep you awake at least one hour during the night, thus robbing romantic people of their sleep om a regular basis.

4. Physical Pains Go

Stanford University School of Medicine published a study which says that love changes the functionality of the neural receptors in the brain, so they begin to act like an alleviating medicine. So, your pains and aches let up.

5. Memory Fails You

When you have someone on your mind constantly, the brain generates oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, and it works havoc on the memory, so it’s not your fault if you get forgetful.

6. You Become Unusually Jealous

Once you see the guy you fancy hobnobbing with another woman, you feel the surge of jealous emotions you didn’t know existed in you. Researchers from Florida State University say that a person becomes overprotective towards the one they love.

7. Even Food Tastes Sweet

In an experiment of the American Psychological Association, a group of students were told to write an essay about love, after which they were treated to different dishes and drinks. According to them, all kinds of food tasted sweet!

8. You Lose Concentration Power

Thoughts about your loved one come to take your mind off other things; you find it more and more difficult to concentrate on the tasks before you. It’s not your personal failure, it’s a symptom of love, says a study in the Motivation and Emotion.

9. Even Your Voice Becomes Different

The Journal of Evolutionary Psychology published a study that says when a woman is speaking to a man she likes, the pitch of her voice gets higher.

10. Bones Feel It Too

Scientists say there exists a link between happy couples and increased bone strength. It looks like love takes care of our health in all parts of the body!

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