16 Daily Duties of a Cat

This article is dedicated to your cats, which either sleep all day long or cannot sit still and are constantly in motion, playing dirty tricks and making you feel angry. So what are the duties of a cat at home?


  1. Cats must protect people from houseplants.
  2. Cats must constantly keep people in good shape, making them move around the apartment and bend to pick up pens, pencils, socks, etc.
  3. Cats must hold fast a pen or a pencil in their teeth while people are trying to write.
  4. Cats must constantly carry out the audit in the fridge, even if people do not want it. It is clear that if people do not allow doing it, they must be hiding something there. Cats should thoroughly inspect the fridge and then bring the people to justice.
  5. At night, cats should check every hour if there is no snake under the people’s blanket.
  6. From time to time, cats must train in case of unforeseen circus performances. To do this, they must periodically jump on the curtains and chandeliers and back, practicing various tricks.
  7. Cats must help people make the bed, watching carefully if there aren’t any items under the sheets.
  8. Cats must remember that sleeping is a waste of time for a human being, so when they see a sleeping person, they must immediately wake him/her up by jumping on the stomach or even on the head.
  9. Cats must help people get rid of bad dreams. If a cat notices that people are tossing and turning in bed, it must jump on their head and drive away all the bad dreams and nightmares.
  10. Every morning, cats must remind a person the old adage – it is an early bird that catches the worm. And the sooner people rise, the more benefit they (as well as the cat itself) will get.
  11. Cats must share with people everything they have. Thus, they constantly give a part of their fur to make people’s clothing and the floor warmer; they also throw a half of their food out of the bowl.
  12. Cats should sing songs to bring joy to people. Even if the songs are sad.
  13. Cats should check why someone has not closed the wardrobe or a cabinet, why a drawer is not shut.
  14. Cats should know what lies in all the boxes and bags. They must tell from their own experience whether it is comfortable to sit there.
  15. While people are sleeping, cats must distract them from the external noise by purring loud in their ears.
  16. Cats must sleep instead of the owner, all his/her relatives, friends and neighbors together.
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