10 Traits Men Appreciate Most in Women

The rules of the mating game, evolutionary psychologists tell us, have been laid down since the earliest times and have hardly changed with the passing of centuries. What modern males and females consider attractive in the opposite sex is virtually the same set of biological and psychological factors that were held desirable by our forefathers. So, while scientists keep on speculating about the original purposes behind human behavior, there are a number of proven traits that make for that inevitable pull we call love. Here’s the top 10 list of what men fall for invariably.

Attractive woman

Trait 10 – the right touch of neuroticism

Anxiety and neuroses have been plaguing women more than men for ages, and it’s a double-edged sword. For while highly neurotic women tend to grow dissatisfied with their relationships as compared to their quieter counterparts, there are psychologists that argue that a certain level of neuroticism makes a woman more attractive. Men find anxious women who express concern over the well-being of their males and their children preferable to ones who may seem more indifferent.

If your partner grows more anxious and you feel that it starts rocking the boat, there is a simple expedient of having more sex.

Trait 9 – the excitement of red

It’s public knowledge that the red color is regarded as the color of love, passion and sex; these associations have deep biological roots, as revealed by a study carried out by Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta. There are other species in the animal world that also associate red with mating.

Trait 8 – the allure of the waist and hips

The waist and hip curves have always attracted the eyes of male, but the esthetic joy of the sight has rigid mathematic ratio behind it. Occidental people commonly find the ratio of 0.7 the most attractive, meaning that the waist circumference should be 70% of the hip circumference. And while the ratio was assessed as a little higher or lower for other cultures, it’s never far off the mark. The evolutionary viewpoint suggests that a ratio lower than 0.6 can mean that the hips are too slender for a comfortable childbirth, and a significantly higher ratio can stand for excessive weight that can also cause difficulties during birth.

Trait 7 – the tale the mouth and eyes tell

There are distinct notions as to how an ideal mouth and eyes should look. A female mouth that is regarded as ideal, as stated in the study on attractive features by Michael Cunningham, should run half the width of the face.

There is plentiful experimental evidence showing that men believe large eyes to be a purely feminine feature. Biologically large eyes can be an indication of general sound health and, therefore, a witness of healthy reproduction.

Trait 6 – the beauty of the body

As the ancient caveman, on the lookout for a sexual partner, wished to estimate the nearest cavewoman’s fertility aptitude, he ran his eyes over her body that told him whether she was already pregnant or ready enough to become so. It was sufficient information for the next half-hour, and the facial features didn’t come into the picture.

As later as 2010 the same was confirmed by a study (researchers: Jaime Confer, Carin Perilloux and David Buss). When men were asked to decide the worth of a woman as a preferable short-term date by photographs, they went by her body and not by her face. A sexy body comes high as a priority.

Trait 5 – the comfort of empathy

According to the findings of a study by Daniel Nettle from the University of Newcastle, a survey of personality differences shows that the average female rates far above the average male as regards the ability to empathize. The study includes empathy in the list of traits forming agreeableness.

The researcher’s theoretic explanation of this difference runs that as of old the ability to form and build up social alliances ranked high among a woman’s priorities as that providing for the survival of her children. In the language of our time, extroverted women who show empathy and a high level of agreeableness may be held as possessing superior female qualities than those less inclined to behave in this fashion.

Trait 4 – the thrill of ovulation

Men’s reaction to an ovulating woman is habitually stronger, as shown by a 2009 study conducted by Saul Miller and Jon Maner. The phenomenon is grounded on people’s subconscious ability to detect (and react to) a large number of physical substances apart from pheromones that relate to the reproductive status of the potential sexual partner. The researchers asked men to smell soiled T-shirts of women at various stages of their menstrual period. Whenever a man smelled the shirt of an ovulating woman his testosterone level invariably went up in comparison with men whose shirts belonged to non-ovulating women.

While all men found themselves excited by an ovulating woman, the study revealed, it goes more for single blokes than for men already engaged in a relationship. It goes to show that behavior and desire can be strongly swayed by other considerations like the preference of the existing relationship to a potential new one.

Trait 3 – the value of a sacrifice

An Arizona State University research conducted by a team led by Vladas Griskevicius in 2007 concluded that women, when in a romantic mood, act more charitably than men and are more prone to self-sacrificing deeds.

On the other hand, the study discovered that charitable and self-effacing behavior is generally observed in public places, which shows that women may be aware of the value men put on that trend and unconsciously use it as additional sexual motivation.

Trait 2 – the joy of appreciation

In long-term relationships mutual appreciation often tends to deteriorate and get replaced by a demanding and criticizing attitude towards one another – which produces an adverse influence on the couple’s bond, sex life and the atmosphere that surrounds them. Marriage expert John Gottman proved in his research that mutual expression of appreciation towards your partner forms the basis of a satisfaction with the relationship.

Trait 1 – the fairness of the face

In terms of a mating strategy aimed at building a committed relationship that is meant to last, it is the woman’s face that wins the man. The University of Austin scientists who investigated into a long-term mating strategy in men found that 75% opted for a woman’s face as the factor of prime importance. This consideration was borne out by another study carried out at the Kinsey Institute – it emerged that, when having sex, men look at their partner’s face more often than women do.

Small wonder, then, that most of the time women spend on preening themselves is devoted to caring for and treating their faces, biologically and psychologically their main asset!

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