10 Signs You’re Going to Divorce

Divorce comes as a surprise only for two women out of twelve. Pay attention to the 10 signs of the decaying marriage so that the phrase “Let’s get divorced!” will not come as a bolt from the blue.


1. you do not want to have children

Years go by, you like to be together, but you or your spouse are hesitant to bring up the kids issue. As a rule, the woman is the first one to think about having a baby. If her husband is against, the risk of divorce increases fast.

2. you argue over trifles

Scattered socks or a candy wrapper left somewhere, the wrong color of the napkins – even such trifling issues can be a cause for major scandals in the family. If most big quarrels are groundless, it is time to think well. These quarrels make old grievances pop up, and couples start accusing each other. A few more of these – and you already want a divorce.

3. you have sex problems

So, sex with your husband ceased to be regular. If it is because you do not want to, think why. Maybe love is gone. Intimate life brings spouses closer, and if it does not happen, why do we need such a marriage? If the man is always unwilling, it can also mean a forthcoming divorce – no woman will tolerate being unwanted.

Not only a lack of intimate life, but also too frequent sex can be a sign of a forthcoming divorce. Intimate life sometimes becomes richer before divorce. This is due to the feeling of guilt and attempts to improve family life.

4. you often think about other men

A real betrayal is one of the main reasons why marriages collapse. However, there is also ‘innocent’ flirt, which brings up the feeling of guilt before the spouse.

5. you do not have sincere talks

Divorce is close, if you and your husband do not talk much or all of your conversations deal with small everyday problems. Even discussing children, spouses may use dry phrases without sharing their own experiences and emotions. This is a good reason to think, maybe your relationship are no longer satisfying?

6. you do not care what your husband thinks about you

Indifference kills everything, including marriage. Small family quarrels should be emotional. Such surges make the negative come out.

7. you are not comfortable at home

Many young people want to leave home to gain independence and become self-reliant. The same thing could happen in a marriage. You do not want to stay at home, avoid common leisure by working hard, finding hobbies, engaging in social activities etc. The reason for this may be the feeling of physical and mental exhaustion, despite all the good sides of marriage.

8. you can easily insult your spouse

Quarrels are common in a family, but when spouses resort to sarcasm, accusations, and derogatory descriptions, it gets dangerous. Personal insults can escalate into resentment, which will be felt at every opportunity. Then family life will turn into mutual revenge, and that will bring no good.

9. you do not like his “stupid” hobbies

You are irritated by his hobbies: fishing, hockey, computer games. If the wife does not accept the husband’s hobbies, which are very important for men, there may come a time when he will choose to give up his wife rather than his hobby. You should support and understand your man.

10. your husband suddenly became “perfect”

Your husband became calmer, happier, and more patient, no matter how you feel or act. Be alert. Perhaps he has realized that he wants to divorce you, and soon he will do it.

A man, who had a difficult relationship with his wife, suddenly became a perfect husband for six months. Just like she wanted. One day he went out for bread and never returned. He sent her a divorce notification with his lawyer.

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