10 „Sexy“ Turn-Offs for a Man

Sexual teasing with clothing and words is often used in the cinema as incentive for men, but as we see he-men losing their minds over saucy ladies who exert their sexual charms freely, do we realize that it may be vastly different this side of the silver screen? Modern experts tend to think that sending too many signals and attracting attention to your voluptuousness can act as an irritant rather than a draw. So, before assuming that “come-hither” attitude, get to hear what advice experts can give to avoid discouraging your male victim.


Don’t go heavy on makeup

Laying your favorite beauty product on and on? Halt and think whether the guy may start wondering what you really look like. Will men go after war paint only? Better give him a taste of the natural you slightly enhanced through a judicial use of make-up. Exaggeration can look rather old-fashioned and misplaced. Let it be a few well-placed touches.

Don’t plan sex ahead

As you try to lure your best guy with provoking texts, don’t go overboard with it. Okay, he loves it and he gets hot as you tease him on, but, on the other hand, it makes passion predictable and running to schedule. In the long run it may dampen the desire. Choose to be less provocative and don’t think that if you stopped hinting at a romp in the bed, your man would lose interest. Let him feel he has the upper hand in this!

Why not leave the light on?

As your man loves to watch sport events on TV, he may be just as fond of watching how you are doing it! If you are unsure about how you may be looking, consider that this sight may as well serve as a turn-on for him! You don’t have to have the full light glaring, it can be just a dim lamp or a couple of candles, but it can be appreciated beyond your recognition.

Be careful with those nails

Authors and scriptwriters seem to be never tired of depicting how a passionate woman leaves parallel bloody scars on a man’s back (purported to be a sure sign of her involvement), but again, life can be a little bit different. It’s okay to dig in your nails when you are actually losing control, but if you break his skin pain sets in, and you can spoil the pleasure. Fingertips will do better than nails for pressing him closer.

Don’t pretend you’re there

Making a woman reach orgasm can be a longish job, with the average female needing at least 20 minutes to be pushed to the limits. You want your guy to feel sure that he has succeeded in driving you there? Great, but it’s not a good reason to fake orgasm. If the man realizes he is being put one over on, it may set him thinking that you don’t think too much of him. Show him that the desire is there, but making pretenses is definitely no-no for intimate relationships.

Nothing underneath isn’t everything

As you consider wearing no panties for an occasion, make it a surprise and not a habit. Once your partner gets to know that you are too fond of turning up practically everywhere with no underclothes, he may get thinking you are too loose and willing for everyone around to pick your signal. You can get just as much and even more by wearing sexy panties than by wearing none.

Don’t down alcohol too plentifully

Once again, your favorite film director can play it safe, but if you believe that a sexy woman and a glass are inseparable, you can lose control. A woman who had one too many begins to lose her attraction fast, and her sex appeal follows. Try to keep it in check and wipe off any notions that drinking is sexy.

Don’t overdo it with being weak and clueless

True, this scenario can make a man come across as strong, impressive and needed, but, done too often, it can make you look as if you were hazy and dependent. There’s a difference between feeling strong and feeling constantly in charge, while there are smart and efficient women around who can cut a far more attractive picture than you do. Get your man to help you now and then, but take care he knows you can fix your problems without creating much fuss.

Don’t become a bedroom boss

Yes, you have your preferences and you want your man to know what you like. Discuss it, give hints, but don’t grasp and hold on to the lead. Do you want your lover to believe he is so inept as to need unceasing guidelining? Show him when he is doing right, fix his successful moves in his mind, but let him revel in discovering your body and not map out his route for him. Make him play and not work.

Don’t end up your first date with sex

You like your date, you are sure you want him, you’ve got hots for him. Yet, reconsider taking him to bed at the end of the first date. You will prefer to make a long game of it, right? Take it slow, be teasing, make him want you more and more as time goes by. Why press the whole story into one night? Go on to fresh discoveries in the one you like.

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