Werewolf Diet Dangerous

The ranking of trendy diets now includes another diet, which attracted the attention of stars. Madonna and Demi Moore assure that they could lose weight due to the so-called “werewolf diet.”


Nutrition experts remark with a smile that new extravagant diets appear almost every day. Many of us might have heard of the so-called “werewolf diet” that promises weight loss of 2-4 kg in a matter of… 1 day. But can we believe these promises? American journalists addressed fitness coach Liz Kampschroeder, who agreed to test this diet for a week.

“Werewolf diet” is based on lunar phases during the 30-day period. Twice a month, people diet – it happens in the days of full moon and new moon. Before these phases of the moon one must take less food, but after the new moon and full moon it is allowed to eat more. The principle of the diet seems simple enough, but Liz says that for many people “werewolf diet” would be a recipe for disaster.

Liz does not really understand a diet that makes you eat nothing. It does not mean eating some products less. Instead, it requires eating no food or eating very little. During the first two days she was on a diet, Liz felt terrible, feeling tired and hungry. She was ready to swallow her own hand – so terribly she wanted to eat.

The expert believes that this diet should never be recommended to people. What about the claim then that stars like Madonna and Demi Moore were able to lose weight on a diet?

Liz says that the concept of this diet is that you can lose weight quickly in a short period of fasting. This is true, but you do not need any diet to do this. If you do not have anything to eat, you will begin to lose weight. During 5 days of fasting, she lost three kilos. But the next day, she regained three kilograms, and two days later she gained one more kilogram. Therefore, the diet is effective in the short term, but not in the long term. In addition, periods of starvation are harmful to the organism because they cause a state of shock, after which it is then very difficult to recover.

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