5 Habits of a Successful Enterpreneur

Many businessmen sacrifice health and family for the sake of success, while others abandon their passion, lose inspiration and the desire to do anything for the sake of business. Here are five good habits that will help develop all spheres of life and stay a healthy and prosperous entrepreneur.


Good habits affect the rest of your life, including relationships, health and work. For example, the habit of doing exercises provides you not only with a healthy body. This is also a great opportunity to accustom yourselves to discipline, promote fulfilling personal obligations and nurture the responsibility for the result. These personal qualities are perfectly useful in running a business.

1. Set boundaries

If you do not have clear boundaries between business and life, you run the risk of “getting stuck” in the work and missing all the other spheres of life altogether. So learn to say “no” to other people and yourself.

For example, if your work ends on a Friday night, nothing should make you miss the Friday gatherings with family. If from 8.00 to 10.00 you train in the gym, an early meeting at work will no longer suit you.

The same applies to private life. Relatives have to respect your boundaries, and if your working day is set from 10.00 to 19.00, one should not distract you at this time. Especially if you work at home.

2. Have a rest from work

The style of work may vary, but one rule remains the same – you need to periodically get up from the table and move. Movement helps to energize and stimulate new ideas. It increases the blood flow, which is equally good for the brain function and for the organism as a whole.

However, simple walks around the table, of course, are not enough to fully relax and regain strength. So, in any case, you have to leave at least one day devoted entirely to yourself during your busy week.

Getting distracted from work for a period of time is very important – it helps to restore your body resources.

What is the main resource for your business? Not your employees, nor even money. It’s you. So take a rest because if you run out of inspiration and desire, everything will fall apart.

3. Make yourself clear

To coordinate your actions and words, you need to immediately determine what you want, where you can command and from whom you require submission.

A lot of misunderstanding originates from the wrong conversation. You can say something not clearly and precisely because of the fear to hurt someone’s feelings – a relative or an employee.

But there is no other way with a business. You must clearly and accurately express your thoughts, without corrections and obscure, vague requirements.

If you constantly have misunderstanding with the customers and employees, you may not be able to clearly express your thoughts. It’s easy to check this with family or friends.

Try a simple game – you tell something, and the person with whom you are exercising will listen and retell it in his/her own words.

Everything is fine if he/she understood what you said from the very first time. If this person attributed his/her own sense to your words, it is necessary for you to practice expressing your thoughts. Simplify them and make them more concise and accurate.

Never end a difficult conversation until you come to a precise agreement. Each participant of the conversation should draw the correct conclusions.

If you always bring the negotiations to a logical end, when everything is clear to everyone, no one will make a random action, based on the fact that “he understood it that way.”

4. Keep track of your speech

Words are powerful, and you should be sure – what you say corresponds to what you believe and what you strive for.

It is much harder to take your words back and try to change your position than to announce the decision immediately and stand firm on your ground.

If you learn to always say what you mean, your relationships, both in business and personal life will improve. The quality of communication will increase, and misunderstandings will be rare.

5. Order in everything

The way you do something reflects the way you do everything else, so it is worth practicing in restoring order. Yes, clarity and order in the words are very important, but the order in the house, in the mind, and even on the desktop is equally important.

And it does not require much time. To maintain order, it is enough to spend a few minutes trying to clean up and organize your workspace.

If you keep your place in order, you will not need to move a mountain of things from one place to another to find something important or not.

This saves a lot of time, and time is one of the most valuable resources of an entrepreneur.