Where to Store Makeup & Cosmetic Products in Summer?


Where do you usually keep your makeup products? In the bathroom? On the bedside table? Or in the refrigerator in the kitchen? We will tell you how to store your favorite products.

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Cosmetic products may be spoiled much earlier than the expiration date printed on the package, if you do not follow the conditions of storage.

Where to Buy Cosmetics & Makeup?

First, do not buy any cosmetic products in places not suited for storage and sale. Even the best cosmetics will not survive the summer heat.

How Long Can You Store Makeup & Cosmetics?

Heat, humidity, and sunlight are contraindicated for all cosmetic products.

A cream, according to experts, is best stored at +5 … +25 ° C. At lower temperatures it can harden, which is especially dangerous for liquid emulsion creams – they can crystallize water, which will spoil the cream. At high temperatures cream softens, which is not very good either. So after buying the cream do not be lazy and read the storage conditions on the packaging.

Do not touch the cosmetic substance with your fingers. All microorganisms will move immediately into the jar. It is better to use a spatula or an applicator.


Mascara deteriorates the fastest. It can be stored no more than six months after opening. After this period, it is infested with bacteria causing irritation to mucous membranes.


Quality lipstick will last a maximum of 2 years, and then it falls unevenly and dries the lips. Spoiled lipstick smells unpleasant. It is best to keep it in the fridge at a temperature up to +5 °C.


Pencils and solid eyeliners are to keep no more than 18 months at room temperature, away from light.

Eye shadow

Eye shadow can be dry and liquid. The former has a longer shelf life: about three years. Liquid eye shadow has to be thrown away in 1.5-2 years. Store it at room temperature, away from the radiator and lamps.


Water-based foundation will lose its smooth texture after the first year. Oil-based foundation will last a little longer: up to 2 years. Keep it away from light and humidity, for example in the refrigerator.

Cream, Lotions & Other Skin Care Products

The shelf life of tonics, creams, and lotions differs. If the product is in a vacuum bottle safe from the bacteria destroying its structure, it will last longer: about 5-12 months. It is best to keep it in the refrigerator.

Fragrances & Perfumes

An unopened bottle of perfume can be stored up to 3 years, and the opened one – from 6 months to 1.5 years. Perfume has similar enemies: light, heat, and humidity.