5 Rules of a Rich Person

Why do some people attract wealth, and others can not make ends meet year after year? It turns out that a person’s financial condition depends on his attitude to money. We have identified five characteristic features of a rich person.


The person who is loved by the money:

1. Knows how much money they needs

There’s one simple rule: a man has as much as he needs. If a person needs three thousand dollars a month, he will receive them. But if he needs more, he will subconsciously do everything to earn the proper amount.

2. Does not idolize money

Such person does not make a cult of wealth. The money for him/her is only a means to achieve the goals and a purchasing power. He knows what to spend his wage on.

3. Values their work

It happens that two people get different salaries for doing the same job in the company. Why is this happening? It’s just that one agrees to work for any money, to keep the job, and the other knows his worth, has confidence in his competence and is not afraid to ask for a decent wage.

4. Knows the value of money

While you can easily keep track of the cash, the situation is more difficult with bank cards. Receiving money to a card, we do not withdraw it from there, pay everywhere by bank transfer, and then we cannot figure out where and how much we spent. To avoid this, analyze all expenditures at the end of the month to see where the lion’s share of the money goes.

5. Does not spare the money

This does not mean that having received the salary, a person immediately runs to the store and spends all the money. Simply, he does not grudge buying expensive high quality clothes, loves to help relatives, makes his friends good presents, and generously rewards people for services. He respects and appreciates the work of others.