Trendiest Hairstyles 2022

Almost all haircuts that were at the peak of popularity in 2021 are smoothly moving into the trendiest hairstyles of 2022. There is still a stellar interest in the mullet, originally the image of male rockers from the 80s. The trend involves a voluminous “hat” on the head with short-cropped strands near the face and on the back of the head and a “ponytail” on the neck.

We immediately understand the people who are not ready for such global and abrupt metamorphoses. Mullet is indeed a specific thing and rather corresponds to a certain mood and state of mind. However, a new version has already been invented – the so-called “wolf” haircut.

It has a cut technique similar to the mullet, but, unlike it, it involves a cascade and a smoother transition between layers and some volume at the top of the head.

However, celebrities consider the bob to be the most relevant haircut of all time. It has many variations, it is easy to handle and does not require complicated styling. An interesting example for 2022 is a mini bob. The length of hair in this case reaches the chin and remains even in all areas.

The classic of the genre is an asymmetrical bob with elongated front strands and a cut at the back of the head. Victoria Beckham introduced this beauty trick back in the 2000s, and many still cannot stop admiring the creation of this hairdressing art.

Shaggy – a ragged cascade – will also collect likes next year. The length does not matter (well, except when the hair is very, very short), the main thing is the “spiky” texture.

Speaking of short hair, a pixie haircut with soft “outlines” appeared in high society, with bangs to the side and strands at the temples. This is a good way to refresh the image and add volume to the hair.

Bangs are an accessory that can be supplemented with any of the above examples. The main characters are thin long bangs, fringe (that is, hair divided into two parts), or shortened bangs.

The latter, by the way, was especially loved by French women. This detail of the image is especially suitable for their casual style, as if not requiring much effort.

Before any haircut, it is important to use a good shampoo and conditioner (if there is time, then also a mask). After that – before styling – you can also apply hairspray.

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