Best Makeup Ideas from HBO’s Teen Series Euphoria

The ideas of the Euphoria series, in which each heroine has a bright makeup, have become so contagious that they have settled in the heads of fashion show makeup artists and celebrities. To honor the release of the second season of the TV show, we’ll recall its main beauty hits.

The American series Euphoria, released in 2019 and telling about the life of generation Z American schoolchildren, instantly became a cult.

Critics appreciated the acting of the actors (especially Zendaya, who constantly appears on the covers of glossy magazines), and the audience was fascinated by the images of the main characters.

Adopting the style of popular shows is a common thing (take, for example, “The Squid Game”, which increased the demand for white sneakers of a certain brand). However, it rarely comes to makeup and hairstyles: either the makeup artists do not come up with anything new, or they come up with something so bold and unusual that it has nothing to do with real life (unless, of course, we are talking about Halloween).

“Euphoria” is one of the few projects that dictated its beauty standards and forced the audience to draw arrows over the eyelids, experiment with bright mono-shadows and sprinkle glitter on their faces.

Moreover, most of these beauty hits by the makeup artist of the series Kirsten Coleman (by the way, she received an Emmy for her work) are easy to repeat at home, without any special training. The “victims” of “Euphoria” were not only ordinary spectators, but also stars, and this is easy to track by their last year’s beauty appearances.

Glitter arrows and glitter tears

Kirsten Colman came up with the idea of drawing arrows for the actresses and circling them with sparkles (not only on the eyelids, but also on the eyebrows). For one of the important scenes with Zendaya, she made “glitter tears” for her ward. Another of the project creators’ ideas was to weave glitter into the hair (to decorate the parting or individual strands with it).

Neon monotones

With rare exceptions, character makeup uses one or at most two variants of bright shadows. Most often, it is a green, yellow, pink or silver shade, generously applied to the upper eyelid – so that it can be noticeable.

Colored eyeliner

Acid shadows are often combined with active red or blue eyeliner. Most often, such tricks can be seen on the eyes of Alexa Demie (she plays a cheerleader, which means she should stand out), Barbie Ferreira (in the series, her character writes stories about sex and fights off ridicule from classmates about weight, so she also tries to be noticeable).

Straight lines, emphasis on the corner of the eye, dotted lines, double arrows – Hunter Schafer’s makeup in the Euphoria series makes it easier to learn geometry. As a rule, Hunter does not even take mascara – her eyes are already very bright. Another distinctive feature of the girl’s appearance is constantly changing hair.

She mixes black strands with blonde, then tries pink and purple curls. Fans have a whole theory about how her inner state affects her appearance: it is believed that the more she falls in love, the bolder her images and the stronger her desire to express herself becomes.

“Cloudy” arrows

Circles drawn near the eyes, reminiscent of clouds or piercings, are also an invention of Schafer’s heroine, inspired by the bloggers’ skill. By the way, the chain of inspiration extended to makeup artists at Fashion Weeks: at the spring/summer 2020 show, the models at the Cynthia Rowley show appeared on the catwalk with this “accessory” on their faces.

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