Reasons to Change Your Beauty Routine

Sometimes it takes years to arrange a beauty routine that works. This is why it’s twice as sad if the beauty products you’ve been using for long don’t work anymore. Let’s find out what could be the reason they are not as efficient as they used to be.

You do too much and don’t notice the good

If there are no rashes and pimples appearing suddenly, but in general, your skin looks good, what else do you expect? Surely, when you try a hyaluronic-containing product for the first time, you see the difference immediately, but when you’ve kept using it as a part of your beauty routine for some time, you won’t see any difference anymore. Your skin will look better constantly, but the effect won’t bee that obvious anymore. Just because your skin already is perfect.

Your skin got used to the ingredients

Independent from how great the ingredients of your beauty product are, one day they could turn out to no longer be effective. This happened because your skin gets used to the active ingredients if you keep using the same cream for a longer time. The solution here is very simple: just switch to another cream with different ingredients every 3 to 6 months and then get back to your favorite one. This will stimulate your skin.

The hormones are to blame

Hormonal changes might also affect your skin’s reaction to your common beauty routine. Unbalanced diet, sudden lifestyle change, stress could disrupt your hormonal balance and, thus, leave their marks on your skin. The same problem happens every month due to your period. This is why you should consider adapting your skin care to your period. And in particularly tough times avoid using new products with active ingredients. Otherwise, your skin could react in an unwanted way.

The weather might affect your skin

The environment also has an impact on your skin health and look. This is why it’s reasonable to adjust your skin care routine to the time of the year. In the end, your skin need more moisturizing in the winter than summer because when it’s hot you sweat and it gives your skin more natural moisture. Thus, when it’s getting colder, change both your wardrobe and your beauty routine.

The wrong beauty products

Having awesome beauty products is one thing. Another one is using them correctly and in the right order. Correct layering is very important! The idea is as follows: start with products with a more liquid consistency and after it apply thicker ones, such as toner, serum and so on.

This way, your beauty products will have time to soak in and the useful ingredients will get deeper more easily. It’s also a great idea to wait a few minutes between applying two different cosmetic products to benefit from both more.

Your favorite cream’s ingredients have changed

Sometimes the cream is to blame, for example, when a new ingredient was added or an old one removed by the manufacturer. Compare the ingredients list when buying another jar of your favorite cream to make sure they are the same.

Skin changes too

We all get older, and our skin needs other or more of some ingredients as we get more wrinkles. Evaluate your skin – ideally with the help of a professional – and update your beauty routine and products accordingly.

Using expired cosmetic products

When it comes to food, we often look at the expiration date, but forget about this when using skin care products. There are some sites where you could check the expiry date of your cosmetics by means of the barcode. Expired cosmetics could change their color, smell and even lose their effectiveness. They might also create a dangerous chemical mix.

Also make sure your creams and other products are not exposed to sunlight and high temperatures, as well as too much moisture, because it could reduce its service life.

You’re not storing the products correctly

Some creams and facials need to be stored in the fridge, some not. But if the temperature of your bathroom rises really high every day when you’re taking a shower and you’re storing your skincare products there too, it might reduce the effect of the products or even make them ineffective. Make sure you store your cosmetics well.

Avoid dipping fingers in your cream jar

Even if you do everything right as concerns storing your creams and serums, you might forget this one thing. Avoid touching the cream in the jar with your finger. Instead, use a clean Q-tip.

If you dip in the cream with your fingers, you expose it to lots of bacteria which keep growing in the jar till you scoop your finger there again. This happens every day. In the end, you apply this contaminated cream on your face and probably wonder why it gives you rashes and doesn’t work well.

When buying skincare products, prefer tubes and pumps.

You skin needs a break

Some women use too many beauty products, while sometimes your skin needs some rest from all that beauty routine. When your skin is over-cared, the ingredients in your beauty products don’t work anymore. Thus, it’s a waste of time and money. Take a break from facials and scrubs for a week or two from time to time. But don’t forget skin cleansing, your skin needs it every day!

We hope these tips will help you find out why your skincare routine isn’t working anymore. Check your products, adjust your beauty routine and be flexible!

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