Perfect Smokey Eyes with New Bourjois Eye Shadows

Bourjois eye shadows Smokey Eyes is a collection of three-color palettes coming in eight variations. The brand’s makeup specialists carefully designed this product keeping in mind that this type of makeup is very popular during this season, and yet not everyone can afford to see a professional makeup artist.

Bourjois Smokey Eyes

Indeed, it is rather challenging to get the perfect Smokey Eyes. One needs at least three different tones of eye-shadow. Only then can you get perfect transition of color and shade.

Trio Smokey Eyes Gamme

Professionals at Bourjois decided to help us out. Their creation is indeed magical. The product makes the process of creating Smoky Eyes so easy that any woman can now feel as a true commercials heroine.

Bourjois Eyeshadows

The eight Smokey Eyes pallets from Bourjois:

  • All Baroque
  • Blue Rock
  • Glee Dandy
  • Mode Chic
  • Nude Ingenue
  • Rose Vintage
  • Violet Romantic
  • Veil Trend

The brand’s make-up professionals remind us that the quality of the mascara is the key ingredient in creating the perfect Smokey Eyes.

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