6 Reasons Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Look Perfect

How not to spoil the smoky eyes and not to get the “raccoon” effect? Sometimes you look at a beautiful, well-groomed woman and think: everything about her is good, except for one thing, and that is makeup. It’s easy to ruin your look with inept makeup. Moreover, it may even be a trifle. But in the eyes of others, it will immediately be noticed. What are the reasons makeup doesn’t look great?

One-color for smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are not just black eyeshadow smeared over the eyelids. This is a combination of two or three shades that visually open the eyes. One of the simple techniques is to lighten a corner, use a silvery or golden hue on the crease of the eyelid, and draw a wide arrow with a dark one. If you leave only darkness and do not dilute it, then the look will be visually heavier. Bags and blue circles under the eyes (if you have any) will be emphasized.

The complexion is different from the color of the whole body

It is not enough to find the right shade for the face, it is important to match your complexion and body-color (especially if you are wearing a low-cut, open dress). The tip is to do your makeup under lighting close to the one in which you will spend the whole day; also, remember to apply makeup not only to the face, but also to the décolleté and neck area. If we are talking about a walk in the street, do your makeup at the window, if we are talking about a meeting with friends at home, you can safely apply cosmetics at the mirror with a lamp next to it.

Professional makeup artists, who will have to work with your face, always start with the question of what kind of lighting you will have at your event.

The blush is out of place

Blush is one of the most difficult products to use (quite surprisingly!). Perhaps that is why today it is fashionable to apply it on the cheekbones rather than on the apples of cheeks – the risk of making a mistake is too high. Instead of a refreshing effect on the face, you may get a resemblance to the disease called rosacea. A good recommendation for those who do not want to put everything on stake is to use a highlighter since it is difficult to overdo with it. Apply it to the cheekbones (and also under the eyebrows, above the upper lip, and on the bridge of the nose).

Creates the raccoon eyes effect

It is possible to get raccoon eyes in several ways: your mascara or eyeshadows have crumbled or you did not shade the pencil on the lower eyelid from the very beginning. The second task is pretty clear: you take a brush and shade it. You can cope with the first task if you apply foundation (or concealer) on your eyelids before makeup and choose waterproof products. It will be more difficult to wash them off, but they will also hold on better.

Lipstick smears across the face

Make sure that the lipstick stays on the lips throughout the day and evening – choose a special matte pigment. Regular lipstick (matte lipstick lasts longer than glossy or creamy) in cooperation with a lip liner also shows good results.

Makeup without brushes

Professionals can do everything with a nail, so you can learn anything as well. But if makeup is not something that you practice day and night, but an express image which takes you no more than 15-20 minutes a day to create, do not be too lazy to buy (at least) a few brushes. One is enough for powder (or foundation), two or three for the eyeshadow, another for the lips, and one more for the eyeliner. Trust me, it will save you time and minimize mistakes. Do not forget to wash them once a week – this way you will not cause inflammation on your face.

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