Celebs Who Married Really Wealthy Partners

Hardly a celebrity could be found who doesn’t feel their fame in terms of income. There are numerous sponsorships around, offers of endorsement deals, finally, freebies that the problem is in choosing, not in finding. Besides, you can go everywhere and meet all kinds of people – so there’s nothing to stop you should you fancy marrying a very rich partner. Which some celebs actually do.

Miranda Kerr

Having divorced Orlando Bloom, Kerr must have decided to go after big money. She found a conveniently unmarried billionaire in Evan Spiegel whom she wedded in 2017. The Business Insider gives his fortune as something like $3.4 billion. So, the Snapchat founder is eligible no longer.

Talulah Riley

The British actress happened to marry her billionaire not once, but twice! Her marriage to Elon Musk lasted for 8 years, but when it dissolved in 2008, it was not the end. Two years later they tried it again only to go separate ways in 2012.

Heather Mills

The model Heather Mills was known as the second wife of Sir Paul McCartney, and very notoriously known all through their marriage from 2002 to 2008 due to the acerbic nature of their separation. As Celebrity Net Worth gives out, McCartney’s wealth keeps him on the top of the richest recording musicians the world over.

Janet Jackson

Prospective rich partners abound in certain rich countries, and Janet Jackson knew it well. So, following her second divorce, the singer walked down the aisle in the company of billionaire Wissam Al Mana, a businessman from Qatar. The Richest cited his fortune as $1 billion worth. This union proved to be no more viable than her previous ones since the marriage ended in divorce after 5 years‘ time.

Princess Charlene of Monaco

The famous Zimbabwean Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock set her sights at no-one else but Prince Albert II of Monaco. Now, since their wedding in 2011 she has become Charlene, Princess of Monaco. The Richest reports that Prince Albert belongs with the world’s wealthiest royals with his worth running to about $1 billion.

Andrea Casiraghi

Andrea Casiraghi, the eldest son to Princess Caroline of Monaco, is wealthy and illustrious from his birth. He is a member of a very rich royal family, with his uncle, Prince Albert II, ranked among the world‘s well-endowed royals.

Stephanie Seymour

Following her early liaison with model management owner John Casablancas at the tender age of 16, Stephanie Seymour went on to a short-lived marriage to a rock guitarist and to a tumultous relationship with a rock vocalist. Then she settled for Peter M. Brant, a businessman with a net worth of over $2 billion, as estimated by The Richest. The couple stays together in spite of occasional difficulties.

Elle Macpherson

Australian model and TV host Elle Macpherson didn’t marry a billionaire, but her second husband hotel heir and real-estate developer Jeffrey Soffer became one only two years afterwards. They tied the knot in 2013, but it seems that their marriage is moving fast to its end.

Salma Hayek

The Beatriz at Dinner star has had only one husband, and he is French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault. They were married at two ceremonies in 2009. Apart from the riches of the Pinault family, Francois-Henri is known as president and CEO of the family company Kering. Celebrity Net Worth assesses his worth at around $7 billion.

Melanie Craft

Melanie Craft pens romantic novels and has a romantic mindframe. That might have been the drive behind her marriage to a very rich magnate Lawrence Ellison, whose fortune runs to the sum of $59.7 billion, as stated by Forbes. Their marriage lasted 7 years before ending in 2010.

Diane von Fürstenberg

Diane von Fürstenberg is herself successful in earning money, her famous wrap dress – as well as other designs – brought her $1.2 billion, so when choosing her life partner she might have disregarded the money issue. She didn‘t, marrying Barry Diller in 2001. He is a media mogul with a $3.7 billion bank account, if Forbes gets it right.

Anne Wojcicki

Entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki is a mastermind behind the consumer genetics company 23andMe, a business that has brought her millions since its foundation in 2006. She married Sergey Brin of Google. Although divorced after 7 years of marriage, they keep on managing a joint foundation.

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