After Corona: New Online Dating Trends

Over the last year, which has become a revolution for mankind, communication on dating sites has also changed in many ways. We will tell you exactly how.

Communication for the sake of communication

The global pandemic is on the decline, self-isolation has ended, but many people have never returned to their offices. Some companies switched to “remote work”, and more employees have decided to switch to freelance altogether.

What’s the result? The fact is that there are fewer people on offline dates. Realizing that it won’t be possible to meet the chosen couple in real life soon, people began to communicate more in dating apps. Correspondence used to be reduced to a discussion of common interests and real acquaintances some time ago, but now it is increasingly possible to notice that both men and women are trying to use the moment to get to know a potential partner better.

Reluctance to share your phone number

Resemblance – exchange of phone numbers – a phone call – a meeting. This was the basic algorithm for using dating apps. A new trend has come now – the phone number is given less and less willingly. People invite each other to messengers where this information is not required.

On the one hand, this trend gives women more security because you can find a person on social networks by his phone number and find out a lot of personal information. On the other hand, men often use such privacy to hide their marital status. However, if sometimes you just want to chat with a pleasant interlocutor without the prospect of further relations, this format can suit both parties.

“Write me on Instagram”

Many dating app users are so lazy that they don’t even bother to fill out their profile. Instead of information about themselves, they simply leave a link to their Instagram, inviting the person to study their profile and continue communication there.

In fact, the idea is not bad. However, these lazy people are then very surprised when strangers of the opposite sex address them on a social network page with the intention to communicate.


A trend created by men. The essence of whelming is as follows: when communicating, men do not hide, they rather boast that they communicate with many women at the same time. The man’s goal is simple: to arouse the feeling in the interlocutor that he is a snappy guy, thereby warming up interest in himself.

But, frankly, not many women think such information evokes enthusiasm and competition. Rather, it creates a sense of her non-uniqueness and lowers her self-esteem. Or completely discourages the desire to communicate with this man.

Whelming is most often abused by those who are looking for a quick sex, unclouded by any relationship. They send Likes to everyone, communicate superficially, and suggest getting down to business immediately.


A humane trend created by eco-activist Greta Turnberg. It was she who put a lot of effort into popularizing the trend of caring for nature, and, we must say, not without success. Many people have become interested in how to preserve the environment, and for many this question has become fundamentally important.

Now, along with the “vegan” status in the profiles on dating sites, you can see the sign of being an “eco-activist”. This topic brings people together, motivates them to “like” the profile because they are sure: most likely, this person will become a pleasant interlocutor and, possibly, a like-minded person.

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