New Cute Chanel Shade Parade Commercial

Chanel-adorned, your fingers may burst into dancing with delight! Fingers live a life of their own, and don’t you forget about it! When treated properly, they are capable of great things, and the latest commercial from Chanel offers a cool proof of that, with a cute dance troupe featuring.

Chanel Shade Parade Ad

Chanel’s Shade Parade presents a digital performance with every finger resplendent with a Chanel nail polish hue; they move to Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers‘ Little Bitty Pretty One with enviable grace. The environment is heavily decorated with Chanel’s signature symbols, codes, pearls, letters C that form lit-up patterns and, finally, the mirrored staircase that crowns the festive atmosphere.

Would you be able to withstand this? No, really, give in to a new manicure without thinking twice.