Isadora Bohemian Flair Makeup Collection Fall 2016

Isadora has come up with a new fall-2016 makeup collection, Bohemian Flair, which is inspired by the bohemian chic and vintage style, which never goes out of fashion. The collection will feature three eyeshadow quartets, a volume-effect mascara, two tinted eyebrow gels, two shades of blush, three shades of lipstick and lip liners, and nail polish in three colors.


The Isadora Bohemian Flair Makeup Collection Fall 2016 will include:

Isadora Eyeshadow Quartet in 3 shade palettes:

Isadora-Fall-2016-Bohemian-Flair-Makeup-Collection-Eyeshadow-Quartet-3 Isadora-Fall-2016-Bohemian-Flair-Makeup-Collection-Eyeshadow-Quartet-1 Isadora-Fall-2016-Bohemian-Flair-Makeup-Collection-Eyeshadow-Quartet-2

Isadora Volume Lash Styler Mascara in shade 30


Isadora Brow Shaping Gel in 2 shades:


Isadora Perfect Blush (NEW) in 2 colors:

Isadora-Fall-2016-Bohemian-Flair-Makeup-Collection-Perfect-Blush-2 Isadora-Fall-2016-Bohemian-Flair-Makeup-Collection-Perfect-Blush-1

Isadora Lip Desire Sculpting Lipstick


Isadora Lip Desire Sculpting Lipliner Waterproof (NEW) in 3 shades:


Isadora Wonder Nail Polish in 3 shades:


The Isadora Bohemian Flair Makeup Collection Fall 2016 will be released internationally at the end of August – beginning of September 2016.