7 Best Lifehacks You Can Find Useful Today

Sometimes even a mere trifle can spoil the mood. Suddenly it turns out that you have no coins in your pocket to take a cart at the supermarket, and you have to carry the products in your hands, or the car lock has frozen and would not open – we face these problems every day.


Geniusbeauty.com is against such little things spoiling your life, so we offer you a few quick tips on how to find a way out of such situations.

1. How to get a cart at the supermarket, if you do not have coins with you


We are all faced with the situation when we need to take a cart, and there turns to be no coins in the pocket. In this situation, an ordinary round-shape key will do. Insert it into the slot for a coin, and the lock will open.

2. How to open a car, if you left the keys in it

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It works only for old cars. To open the door, use your shoe laces. Make a loop as shown in this picture. After that, pull the string through the corner of the door, dragging it back and forth and gradually dropping down. Hook the handle, which opens the door, pull the string and open it.

3. How to open the car, if the lock is frozen


Heat the key with a lighter and insert it into the lock. It may not work the first time, so try again. And if the key is long, it can be heated without removing it from the lock. This way, it will go faster.

4. How to go up in the elevator without stopping on every floor


If you are in a hurry, then you really need this tip. Just do not abuse it, because people on other floors want to take the elevator, too. To go up in the elevator without stopping, you need to press and hold the button that closes the elevator doors, and then press the necessary floor, without releasing the closing button.

5. How to check the quality of gasoline at the gas station


Drip gasoline on a white sheet of paper. Then blow on it to accelerate the evaporation process. After drying, gasoline should leave a barely visible trail on paper. If the paper has a greasy trace or colored stains – the gasoline has low quality. For example, a yellow oily stain indicates that the gasoline is mixed with diesel oil, and a dark ring shows the presence of heavy metals and resins.

6. How to open wine at a picnic, if you forgot the corkscrew


The bottle can be opened against a wall or a tree. To do this, wrap the bottom of a bottle with a towel or put it into the boot. Strike the bottle bottom on a hard surface until half of the cork shows. Then remove it using your fingers.

7. How to leave no trace of lipstick on clothes


Divide the paper napkin into layers. Take the thinnest layer and press it to your lips. Powder the lips with a brush over the napkin.

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