Eye Makeup for Those Who Wear Glasses

The days when people felt bad for young women who wear glasses are over. Now, those means of vision correction have been transformed into trendy and fashionable accessories. They are worn even by people who have good eyesight and don’t need vision correction. However, if you want eyeglasses that gracefully highlight features of your face, you will need something more than well-chosen glasses frame. You will also need to have properly done makeup.

Eyeglasses and makeup

Choosing makeup tones

Generally, the color theme of your makeup should match the color of the frame. You can even pick exactly the same color! Cold colors are more suitable for grey, silver, and deep blue glasses, while warm ones – for golden and beige.

Hiding skin imperfections

Eyeglasses make particular emphasis on the area around the eyes, so you will need to pay special attention to ”mask” it well. You can use a special corrector or concealer for this.

Eyebrow shape correction and glasses frame

Ideally, the shape of your eyebrows should match that of the frame or at least they should not contradict each other. Smooth, slightly curved line of eyebrows will match practically any frame. If the frame is very thin and light then you can make special accent on eyebrows by shading them with special powder or pencil. If, on the other hand, the frame is massive and has rich color – it is better not to highlight eyebrows.

Wearing mascara with glasses

You should be careful with mascara, since it easily gets smeared when eyes get tired or watery. Special eye-drops will help you deal with irritation and redness of the eyes, so you should carry those around all the time. You can even try to replace mascara with artificial eyelashes. Those look very natural and some types can be worn for up to four weeks and come in different lengths.

Eyeshadow color and glasses

Eyeshadows should not be applied beyond the frame line, otherwise eyeshadows will create a messy look and will break the harmony of your face features. Apply this product only with special brushes, because this way the makeup will look neater.

Eyes makeup for ladies with myopia

Those with myopia can use more color for their eyes. Brighter eyeshadows will highlight eyes, which are usually visually reduced in size by the lenses. Pearly eyeshadows look particularly good, different colors can be matched to create gradual transitions. A nice trick is to make lighter accent on middle part of the upper eyelid, this will add volume to your eyes.

Eyes makeup for ladies with farsightedness

It is better to use eyeshadows in soft, matte, conservative colors if you have farsightedness. Those eyeshadows will help you create natural look and reduce the enlarging effect of the ”farsighted” lenses. By lightening the upper corner of the upper eyelid and darkening the inner one you can minimize the impression that eyes are positioned too close to the nose bridge, which is often created by the ”plus” lens.

Choosing the right frame

It is important to remember that frame has to be chosen according to the shape of your face, your hairstyle, and your style in general. This is why makeup should not dominate over the glasses, but instead it should maintain the general image and should not stand out.

Source of the image: Widbox.

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