Gadgets Take up More Than Nine Hours of the Average Brit’s Day

Nine hours and nineteen minutes is the time the average Britisher spends pressing gadget buttons and clicking the mouse, as was revealed by a study involving 3,000 people commissioned by That is more than half of the waking day if we assume that every adult gets his or her 8-hour sleep… And we can easily suppose that if they miss out on the sleep they spend more time at their favorite devices.

Laptop, mouse

The computer is the unchallenged leader in the interactivity keeping adults busy for four hours daily, and the laptop adds an hour and a half more.

Surfing the web, sending and reading emails and visiting social network sites continues on smart phones thus adding 56 minutes to the total.

Then comes the turn of computer games which devour 38 minutes every day and the mp3 player which demands as much time.

Browsing through television channels takes the average person 16 minutes with maybe just as much unregistered time sitting and watching the partner doing the same… Ten minutes go to fiddling with the controls of the Sky Plus, Virgin Catch Up or whatever you patronize.

When the arduous job makes you hungry at last, microwave ovens will eat up another ten minutes of your daily routine.

The good old washing machine requires its eight minutes every day without fail, and the sat nav is here to demand its five-minute setting.

And the last minute of the nine-hour-nineteen-minute chore we owe to the alarm-clock to set it for the next day, just as full of interacting with electronic gizmos as this one was.

Stephen Ebbett, summing up for, said that although the part gadgets play in the modern life is naturally great, the amount of time we spend on using them is “incredible.”

Source of the image: Photl.

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