Essence Ticket to Paradise Makeup Collection

Do you have a ticket to paradise? Essence believes that every girl, who is going to travel to some resort this summer, will appear to be in paradise. Especially if she has an appropriate makeup collection called Ticket To Paradise.


The new items for summer produced by Essence include gel textures that will make the face glow without the feeling of heaviness in the season of high temperatures.

Ticket to Paradise Eye Shadow

The gel eye shadows cool the skin slightly and are applied gently. Each new layer enhances the color. The product comes in three shades:

  • 01 Dive with Me To the Island,
  • 02 Deep Sea Baby,
  • 03 Tropical Heat.


Ticket to Paradise Shimmer Powder

Shimmer powder gives the skin of the face and neck some golden shimmering, it is represented by only one shade of 01 Tropical Heat.


Ticket to Paradise Lip Gloss

Glossy finish and summer shades. The lip gloss is produced in three versions:

  • 01 Sun Said Red,
  • 02 My Treasure Island,
  • 03 Dive with Me to the Island.


Ticket to Paradise Lip Liner

The lip liner is suitable for using with lip gloss, it has a bright and glossy texture, and it is easy to apply on the surface of the lips. It has two variations:

  • 01 Sun Said Red,
  • 02 My Treasure Island.


Ticket to Paradise Nail Polish

Resistant nail polishes with a translucent gel texture to create the effect of a wet nail coating. The nail polishes are available in 4 colors:

  • 01 Dive with Me to the Island,
  • 02 Tropical Heat,
  • 03 Sun Said Red,
  • 04 My Treasure Island.


Hair Mascara

In the shade of purple and turquoise, these new items will make your summer happy and cheerful. The product is easily applied and is also easily removed when you wash your hair.


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