What Causes Metabolic Disorder?

Metabolism is considered to be a complex process. In other words, we are talking about the activities related to the processing of substances that enter the body into energy that is necessary for life. Why can failures and malfunctions happen and how can one avoid them?

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The Causes of Metabolic Disorder

Metabolism in the body can be affected by various factors. The most important ones include heredity. Scientists know that genetic information is encoded in the cells. If an inherited gene mutation happens, it certainly breaks metabolism at the cellular level.

However, the violation of cells at the level of the genetic apparatus is not the only possible cause of failure to metabolism. In order to have a normal metabolism, it is important to make two systems (endocrine and nervous) work cohesively. When their work is subjected to violations, it will cause problems with metabolism sooner or later.

Other Causes of Metabolic Syndrome

The experts believe that the factors that could cause crashes in metabolism include:

disturbance in the synthesis of enzymes, transport and immune proteins in the body;
gross violation in the person’s diet when one does not have enough minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, as well as the so-called essential amino acids;
the situation when the quality and quantity of food is not capable of covering the energy loss of the body, or on the contrary, the body is constantly supplied with food in the quantities far exceeding the energy needs;
and the accumulation of heavy metals or toxic substances in the body.

Why Is Metabolism Disease Dangerous?

Metabolic disorders may cause serious health problems, obesity, diabetes, gout, hypothyroidism, diffuse goiter, etc. Most of these diseases require a substantive and long-term treatment with the use of drugs.

Sleep Is Important

With the normalization of metabolic processes, healthy sleep plays a huge role. One needs to get enough sleep! With the right sleep mode, one can improve metabolism and cause the development of growth hormone in the body. Actually, this hormone is directly related to high metabolism in the body. Test the thyroid gland. If you have problems in its functioning, it will inevitably trigger problems with metabolism.

Diet & Metabolism

Try to align the diet. Eat more often and in smaller portions, which will help suppress the outbreak of uncontrollable hunger that usually provokes overeating.

Which Foods Normalize Metabolism?

Food products contain a lot of those that activate metabolism. For example, grapefruit can lower insulin levels, which will reduce the desire to snack. You can eat half a grapefruit or drink 150 grams of juice with every meal.