Carrot Juice May Be Harmful to Health

Any nutritionist will tell you that carrot juice is a tasty and healthy product. Note, however, that excessive use of even the most useful drink in the world may lead to “food poisoning” and all its attendant symptoms. Apart from that, certain chronic diseases make the human body too susceptible to the components of carrot juice.


According to doctors, people who suffer from diabetes should not drink more than one glass a week, because carrot contains a lot of sugar. The experts remind that frequent consumption of carrot juice is an additional and absolutely unnecessary load on the pancreas, so one cannot drink carrot juice when having acute pancreatitis and other diseases. A similar taboo is observed during an exacerbation of intestinal diseases.

Unlike many natural vegetable juices, carrot juice is very tasty – especially when you consider that it is recommended to drink it with cream for better absorption. But if you drink too much of it, you may feel unwell, bad headaches may start as well as general weakness. In some cases, nausea and vomiting may be observed.

In case of excessive use of carrot juice, beta-carotene (the main component of carrot juice) can clearly change the color of the skin. Except the “yellow” skin, the body may suffer from destructive processes. Therefore, it is better to drink carrot juice no more than 2-3 times a week.

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