Double French Manicure Is the Hottest Beauty Trend

The hands of modern fashionistas look incomparable due to various kinds of nails! For instance, double nail tips are another hot beauty trend today. Let’s figure out if double French manicure looks great on all hands and how to reproduce this miracle.

Double French, the nail art with two stripes on the nail tip, is more popular today than ever. What is the reason? We recollect the noughties, we miss French manicure that everyone used to love, and we are trying our best to add unusual details to it. For example, we can decorate it with beads or sparkles, add some dark tones or combine the most unexpected color combinations in a single pattern.

If you are strongly for the classics, it is best to choose a nude shade for the base of the plate and white, pink or silver colors for the tip. Choose the width of the colored strip to your taste, but, of course, if the nail is short, it is better not to make it endless.

Below, you can find a video telling how to quickly make double French manicure:

For a double French manicure, the classic amygdala shape of medium-long nails is ideal. By the way, it is the oval shape that is the best for growing longer nails if they are brittle.

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