Christmas Trend Products by The Body Shop

The Body Shop is launching its Christmas palette in November. In addition, the brand will improve the formula of its nail polishes. The Christmas collection is filled with shine, glitter, and sparkles. Pink is the key color.

Body Shop Christmas Trend Products

The new nail polishes will be free from formaldehydes, toluene, and camphor (3-Free). The Christmas Trend Products collection features two nail polishes: Starry Night and Twinkling Pink.

Body Shop Christmas Trend Products

The collection will also include eyeliners in Stardust and Black colors.

Body Shop Christmas Palette, eyeliner

Lipgloss will be available in two colors: shiny pink and nude.

Body Shop Christmas Palette, lipgloss

The newest product: body spray with glowing effect in warm pink color. The product is called Sparkler and is available in Boudior Pink color.

Body Shop Christmas Palette, body spray

The Body Shop collections always include very popular shades of eyeshadows, blush, and foundations. This Christmas collection will offer two variations: warm and cold.

Body Shop Christmas Palette, eyeshadows

Lipgloss is particularly popular during every Christmas season. The Body Shop offers comfortable packaging with regulation function for control of the intensity of application.

Body Shop Christmas Palette

Source of the image: Beaut, Mycharm.

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