Chip That Makes You Lose Weight Invented

Surgeons from St Anthony’s Hospital in Surrey UK have invented a device that speeds up metabolism and suppresses a feeling of hunger. They tested the device in 356 women and men whose weight exceeded the norm by 15-30%.

Chip That Makes You Lose Weight Invented

The device looks like a little plastic sleeve inserted in your tummy. It creates impulses that produce a hormone called PYY – this hormone suppresses the appetite and helps the organism to quickly digest and process food.

Consequently, one can get rid of five kilograms of excess weight within a month without resorting to gastric bypass surgery and liposuction. According to Alberic Fiensa, one of the co-authors and a consultant bariatric surgeon at the clinic, this chip can even free diabetic people from daily insulin injections because the device activates the cells of the pancreas.

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