Beauty Products You Need for Your Summer Makeover

Now that winter is coming to an end, it’s almost time for everyone to do their spring clean! While you may have thought cleaning out your house and your wardrobe is the extend of your effort, why not refresh yourself too? Now is the perfect time to try a glow-up, use some new makeup, and really feel good about yourself. You need to look and feel your best when life gets back to normality!

Looking for new makeup products can often be intimidating and very time-consuming, there are so many new things to try every day, and often you can’t tell by photos if you will like it or not.

If you’re shopping for makeup for someone else, cancel out the stress completely and grab a gift card from They have gift cards for beauty retailers such as Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser, so anything they want this card can provide!

Makeup shopping often comes with hunting for reviews and recommendations, looking for what other people have tried and loved. Well, we’ve done that hard work for you! This list of products contains the best-reviewed and best-selling items from all your favourite cosmetic brands, that you just NEED to try.

The first thing you need to invest in is your skincare routine. There is nothing worse than putting makeup on and feeling like your skin can’t breathe. If you already have a skincare routine, this probably won’t be life-changing for you. However, for those who don’t have a skincare routine and the products to go with it, this might be what you want to start with. The Ordinary Balance set is a four-piece set that has everything you need for an everyday skin revival. This will give you an amazing base to work with when applying your makeup and when taking it off.

The next essential product that we’re going to reveal to you is a foundation. This foundation is not only super full coverage and light, but literally costs less than a tenner. The Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation is absolutely to die for. You can find it online at most beauty retailers and it is available in a range of shades. Wet n Wild may not be the first brand you think of when you want to look for a new foundation but let me tell you, it should be. Of course, if you’d rather spend more on an expensive foundation that’s up to you. But if you’re a bargain hunter like we are, this is one you need to look at.

The next makeup kit staple is probably one you’ve heard of but may not have tried yet. The Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced is a little pricier than you might be used to, but it is sensational. It is also available in a waterproof version! This product can make you go from no lashes to sky-high in seconds. This means you don’t have to worry about wearing fake lashes day today, which can be uncomfortable and annoying. However, if you would rather look for a cheaper alternative to Better Than Sex, Maybelline’s Telescopic mascara comes a close second. This one also makes you look like you have a tonne of eyelashes even if you don’t, making it completely essential.

Last but not least is the most challenging product yet: eyeshadow palettes. There are thousands of different palettes and pretty much every makeup brand has brought one out. However, price does not always guarantee quality in this area and if you are not confident in your makeup skills yet, then eyeshadow palettes can be quite intimidating. The one brand that you would never think of first is Beauty Bay’s own brand eyeshadow palettes. They are a lot cheaper than the majority of palettes on their site, but their quality and formula are amazing. Plus, there is a range of different palettes in different colorways so there really is something for everyone. You can find hundreds and thousands of makeup tutorials online to help you find your feet on this one!

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