Makeup Tips for a Rainy Day

Those who are tired of stains on the face caused by seasonal rainfall should read our today’s article. Today we will share make-up tricks on how to keep makeup on your face in its original form, despite precipitation.

Cleanse your skin first

We start almost every makeup article with information about cleansing. Without it, it’s really hard to make all your beauty plans come true. In the fall, peeling is necessary (this time of the year there is no risk of getting pigmentation from the sun). For a serious and high-quality procedure, it is better to ask the specialists for help.

Before applying makeup, you should properly cleanse and exfoliate the skin with foam, mousse, or gel. After cleansing, be sure to apply the toner to the skin. After skin contact with water, it “seals” moisture in the skin and increases the effectiveness of daily hydration in general. Toner is an important intermediate step between cleansing and moisturizing. It increases the conductivity of cream into the skin and its overall effectiveness.

Then you should apply a moisturizer and be sure to moisturize the skin around the eyes. Finally, you can use a special face oil or a super hydrating makeup primer.

Choose monochrome

With a foundation and concealer, you will get the perfect, clean canvas for further makeup. The easiest way not to invent anything brilliant is to do simple monochrome makeup. When you use the same shade for the eyes, cheekbones and lips, the look becomes harmonious.

Add shine

The main secret for radiant makeup in any weather is the highlighter. Never neglect it in your makeup, especially in autumn. Apply it to the protruding part of the cheekbones, to the inner corner of the eyes and to the place under the eyebrows.

Line your lips

Take a lip liner that matches your makeup and line the contour of the lips. Then add accent with a sheer gloss or lip oil. For a warm shade of lipstick (if we follow the rules of monochrome), choose a matching blush or blush with a warm undertone. By the way, take waterproof mascara on rainy days.


Be sure to use a fixing spray to complete your look, or use a compressed powder to make your makeup more durable and your skin matte.

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