Signs He`s Interested in You More Than You Think

If you like someone, why not just come up to them and say how you feel? This might sound so simple and obvious. However, for most of us, it’s not that easy. Especially if one is truly in love. This is what a lot of people experience when they fall for somebody. In particular, men. But some signs could reveal what he really thinks. Let’s find out if he’s into you more than you think!

He’s often around you

For some reason, you started seeing him more often than you used to. It seems that he tries to be involved in all the things you’re interested in. The reason could be he wants to see you as often as possible.

He texts you

You’re not best friends, but he texts you regularly to ask how you are and let you know he thought of you when he heard a song you used to listen to together at some party or to discuss a new book you talked about. Would a man do this if he’d not be interested in you?

He looks good

When he’s around you, he looks stunning. His hair is perfect, his clothes are ironed, he wears a light scarf or other unnecessary accessories. Everything only to look better for you.

He asks for your opinion

Be it work, art, politics or music, he wants to know what you think about it. When he asks for it, he listens attentively.

He flirts

Some people just talk in the way that it looks as if they would be flirting. Pay attention to how he speaks to others. If the guy flirts with you all the time while taking in another way to others, don’t you think the man might like you?

His body says it all

He might not tell you he likes you with words, but his body language doesn’t lie. If his feet are pointing towards you, while you’re in a group of people talking,  if you look up at him and understand he’s been looking at you all the time, if he smiles at you a lot, if he hides his eyes when yours and his meet, the guy has definitely fallen for you!

He’s funny

Another sign he cares about you could be the fact that he does his best to be funny for you. He tells jokes and amusing stories and wants to be interesting to you.

He supports you

If he’s your colleague, he tends to support your ideas during a meeting. Of course, there’s always the risk that it’s just a coincidence. But if he agrees to all your proposals, it could be a sign he wants to be more than just colleagues or friends.

He lets you know he’s single

He wants you to know his dating status? He’s single, or widowed, or divorced? Well, that’s a clear sign he might want you to become his better half.

He wants to know more about you

When you first meet a person, you normally pose questions to get to know each other better or at least be polite. If he does it every time you talk or text, especially if he asks about something personal, like your hobbies, family, vacation plans, your background, he cares about you.

He doesn’t get distracted

When you two are talking, he puts his phone aside, ignores other people’s words or behaviour and LISTENS to you. Isn’t it a sign the guy cares about you?

He notices your feelings

I don’t mean all men are insensible. But normally women show more empathy. Thus, if he notices that you’re upset or sad, he might have a radar only for you. This could mean he’s into you.

How love makes one a fool

Remember yourself falling in love, let’s say, in school. You hide your feelings, try not to look at the person you care about not to reveal too much. You long for his attention, but when you get it or talk to him, your heart starts beating fast, and breathing gets heavier. You get all the signs of tachycardia, although you’re still young and absolutely healthy.

You do your best to be next to him as much as possible. But when you see him, you get awkward and clumsy. The secret is, some people still feel this way when they get older. And this is how he might feel about you. So don’t miss the hidden messages he’s sending! If it’s mutual, you know what to do!