6 Trendy Nail Enamel Colors for Spring 2011

Do not forget to update your spring palette of nail polishes. This spring, you can bring to life brand new ideas. Use them during your next visit to the store or nail salon.

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Green Nails

An obligatory condition to follow in this color group is a medium and light tone of the new nail polish. And the shades range from the khaki and olive up to the mint and jade. Matte shades are the season’s special chic. And if one chooses gloss, it should be something with a pearl or golden glow.

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Lilac Colors

This season presents not only pastel shades for brides, but also more artistic metallic textures.

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Pink Nail Enamel Shades

Pink nail polish returns onto the catwalk and is back in the streets. Alongside the classical infantile pink, one can buy more vibrant shades of the bubble gum, of the sparkling rose, and of faded pink colors.

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Nude Nail Colors

Nude shades are popular in clothing, accessories, and manicure. Here we are looking for sandy colors, shades of tanned skin, milky-beige, and the classical body color.

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Red Coral Nails

Having stormed into the previous summer season, this shade cannot be so quick to leave, and we still have not completely enjoyed it. Bright and super-glossy coating is highly popular now, as it perfectly “works” on tanned skin. There can be different variations – from tomato-red, and orange-red to a classical coral. Coral is this spring’s new red color!

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Gray Manicure Is Still Hot

“Gray” manicure remains trendy, and it is great. Steel shades are still fashionable and often complemented with metallic effects and matte blue-gray.

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