5 Haircuts That Are Irrevocably out of Fashion

Many hairstyles can enjoy the status of all-season trends, but they still drop out of the race and cease to be the subject of anyone’s dreams. This article will tell you what haircuts are out of fashion and have ceased being the most popular ones this year.


The most obvious example of an irrelevant haircut maybe a hairstyle with a pronounced asymmetry: oblique bangs, bob with different hair lengths – this has already gone out of fashion.

The only version of relevant asymmetry can be in styling. Build up root volume and flip the bulk of your hair casually to one side. This is a simple and up-to-date hairstyle that is easy to do, but it looks very impressive.

Shaggy bob

We do not argue that bob is one of the most relevant hairstyles, but it can also be ruined by the wrong approach. A certain way to age bob is to cut the strands in a ragged or graduated cut, and leave too much volume at the back of the head. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to choose an even cut and a rounded silhouette, which will beautifully emphasize the shape of the face.

Long bangs

Do you remember the fashion for thick straight bangs? It used to be fashionable, and Nelly Furtado’s bangs broke the hearts of fashionistas. But today the choice of such a hairstyle will not justify itself.

Firstly, these bangs make the silhouette heavier. Secondly, hiding the forehead, you focus on other parts of the face, which does not always look good.

We advise you to pay attention to light, neat, flowing bangs that do not make your face heavy, but, on the contrary, refresh it.

Very short haircuts

Of course, everyone has the right to a creative hairstyle, but before opting for a short haircut, we recommend that you try it on virtually in one of the trendy apps on your smartphone.

“Boyish” haircuts are not suitable for every woman, because the woman’s facial features must be sufficiently pronounced in order to wear it successfully. Therefore, such a hairstyle cannot be called a mass trend.

But if you still want to experiment with short hairstyles, it is better to opt for a neat bob. An indisputable plus of such a hairstyle is simple styling, which will take no more than 5 minutes in the morning and a minimum amount of styling products.

Graduated bob

This hairstyle was very popular just a few years ago! But, alas, a huge disadvantage of graduated bob is its complexity. The complex shape of this hairstyle must be constantly maintained since it looks completely unattractive in an unkempt form.

But it is surely not worth being sad about the past. It’s quite easy to find a trendy replacement for your favorite hairstyle of the 1990s and 2000s: a bob with a light cascade. It is important to remember the first point and not overdo the hairstyle to pursue an asymmetrical cut.

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