5 Bright Makeup Trends for Winter 2016

Marshmallow-colored shadows, “kissing” lips and colored strokes on the eyelids are the most unusual of the current winter makeup trends.


It is well known to all fans of the “Game of Thrones” series that winter is coming. We need to survive a few months of eternal darkness and frost. Get rid of boredom with the help of fashionable makeup trends: colored shadows, sparkle placers, and lip makeup “a kiss in the cold.”

Pastel shadows

makeup-trendsImpressionist canvases or marshmallow? It does not matter where you spend your free time – in museums or in a confectionery. It is important to rhyme your makeup with the surroundings. To do this, you just need to apply some matte pastel shadows on the eyelids, like models at Veda and Milly shows do. Pink, purple, blue, mint… and you may become the muse of an artist.

Kissing lips

beauty2In the winter season, it is not the color of lipstick that matters, but the way it is applied. The most relevant effect is that of kissing lips. If there is no partner for kissing, and you want to be trendy, tap the lipstick with your fingertips. For a pronounced and prolonged effect, encircle the lips with a concealer and retouch it, as Vivienne Westwood and Guy Laroche did behind the scenes of shows. The same result can be achieved by following the life hacking of legendary Bobbi Brown, makeup artist from America: she recommends using bright lipstick on the lips and then removing it in a couple of minutes.

Sequins everywhere

beauty3The makeup artists, who were working at the Burberry Prorsum fashion show and Atelier Versace, have officially allowed us to shine not only on holidays, but also in everyday life. Glitter can be applied to the eyes, lips, or cheeks – anywhere. It is important, however, to use it in moderation. To showcase the fresh trend, only one area of the face can be selected. If you use too much glitter, the association with the Music Hall dancers will be inevitable. The color and size of sequins depends only on your imagination. The most comfortable and resistant textures are gel in a bottle with a brush and thick cream sequins in jars.

All-round highlighting

beautyWinter lays down its own rules, having come a month ahead of schedule this year. One of such rules is as follows: reduce the complexity of makeup to sleep late in the morning. Black Kaya is all you need on the most “sleepy” days. Follow the example of Sportmax and Herve Leger messengers – draw the space between the eyelashes with a pencil on both the upper and lower eyelids. By the way, eyeliner around the eye dictates a predatory mood, and you are ready to hunt down the victim.

Strokes on eyelids

beautyColor strokes on the eyelids are a suitable trend for those who cannot draw perfect lines and for those who make their eye shadows look like dirty spots after retouching. According to the makeup artists, who were working with models at Iceberg and Mugler shows, everything is easy: dip a finger in bright cream-colored shadows and apply it along the eyelids.

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