4 Safe Manicure Tips

A chase for impeccable nails can lead to infections and allergies. Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy manicure.


Choose qualified manicurists

Unfortunately, nail care industry is not regulated as strictly as medical services, and today anyone can do manicure in beauty salons. Unskilled masters are the main danger. They can distort healthy nails, cause serious injury, infection, etc. Do not visit unknown manicurists; trust only those who have already earned a reputation. Therefore, a word-of-mouth advertisement makes sense.

Protect your eyes

Allergic reaction threatens not only your nails. Very often, our eyes suffer from allergies to nail polishes or solvents. This is because we are constantly touching our eyes with fingers, transmitting allergens. Some cosmetic brands have developed a nail polish with a soft formula specifically for people disposed to skin irritations.

Be careful with gel manicure

It became a popular alternative to the traditional manicure thanks to a more natural brilliant color. But dermatologists see an increase of complaints associated with the use of gel manicure. Very often when you remove the gel, nails get injured, and the nail plate can be even detached from the bed (onycholysis). This increases the risk of infection.

Nails need a break

We often hear that nails need a break from nail polish to “breathe”. This is nonsense! Nails are dead tissue, requiring no breathing. Still they need a break because every time you remove the varnish you injure your nails. The less injuries – the healthier your nails will be.

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