5 Skin Care Tips for Women Over 30

After thirty, signs of fatigue do not disappear as fast as before – and the closer you get to forty, the more insistently they remind of themselves. If a few years before, face became fresh and smooth after a good rest, now wrinkles stubbornly linger on the skin.


1. Regular skincare

Physicians indicate that the basic principle of skin care at this age should be consistency. Women who want to preserve youth at 30 and 40 have to understand that the procedures should be more careful and disciplined – not occasional, but regular.

2. Skin cleansing

Beauticians point out five important rules of face care at 30 and 40. One of these rules, in their opinion, is a habit to clean your face in the morning – not with tap water, but mineralized thermal sprays that contain selenium and zinc, especially important for skin condition. After such washing, the skin does not need a towel – only a wet cloth. For evening cleansing, skin specialists recommend using a special lotion.

3. The storage of beauty products

Creams and cleansers, according to experts, are best to be kept in the fridge. It is especially important to observe this rule with eyelid products.

4. Regular moisturizing

You should regularly moisturize skin – this is a strict rule for those who want to look younger. Beauticians explain that the reason for surface wrinkles is a lack of moisture, and therefore your skin must be properly moisturized. You should apply moisturizing mask at least twice a week.

5. Anti-age creams and serums

After 30, you need to stimulate skin gently, introducing special anti-age creams. It is better to start with nighttime anti-aging products.

Start using lifting serum gradually. This product quickly grooms your skin and can be mixed with a foundation, or used as a make-up base. But it is still too early to use such serum regularly.

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