10 Most Popular Weight Loss Diets of 2013

Google reviewed the results of its performance in 2013. The so-called paleo diet has become the most wanted diet on the search engine.


1. Paleo Diet

This diet suggests relying on the food of our ancestors and has become the most wanted diet on the Internet. The Google portal figured out that the diet of cavemen interested the Internet users more than any other diet in the past year. This diet involves active use of foods containing proteins and the reduction of carbohydrates in the diet. Solid meat diet has become popular among the stars. For example, Miley Cyrus and Jessica Biel keep to the paleo diet. In the ranking of the most popular diets, paleo diet was placed even ahead of Juice Cleanse.

2. Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse is respectively in the second position. The author of this detox diet is American physician Stephen Blauer. He has developed several variations of “juice therapy”, which differ from each other on the duration of treatment. They have only one thing in common – the juices should always be freshly squeezed. As a result, the body gets rid of toxins and absorbs the maximum of useful vitamins and minerals.

3. Mediterranean Diet

The third place in the list of the most wanted diets goes to Mediterranean diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and (at times) red wine. By the way, according to experts, this is the healthiest and most wholesome diet.

4. Master Cleanse

The fourth place belongs to the popular diet Master Cleanse (10 days solely on liquids, like a cocktail of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper). According to rumors, it is thanks to the detox lemonade that Beyonce lost 9 kilos while preparing for the role of skinny singer Deena in the Dreamgirls movie.



5. Ketogenic Diet

The fifth position goes to ketogenic diet, which is characterized by minimizing carbohydrates and replacing them with healthy fats. It was designed for children with epilepsy to reduce the number of attacks. Some have compared it with the Atkins diet. Indeed, there is much in common between them, but ketogenic diet (derived from the term “ketone”, referring to the source of energy) is stricter.

6. Okinawa Diet

The sixth position belongs to Okinawa diet, low in meat and based on lots of vegetables. It received its name from the Japanese island, whose population is marked by strong health and longevity. The followers of Okinawa diet eat mainly green, orange, and yellow fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, goat milk, and seafood.

7. Omnivore Diet

Omnivore Diet is on the seventh place. It includes absolutely all the foods in “healthy proportions.” Due to the vast number of variations of breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner, one never feels tired of it, and most importantly – the diet consists of familiar, favorite products.


8. Fruit Diet

The eighth place is reserved for fruit diet, permitting the consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds without any animal products. A week of keeping to this diet can help you lose 5-7 kg on average, without making any great effort. However, the scientists do not recommend sticking to this diet any longer because of the great risk of protein deficiency and lack of vitamin B2.

9. Pescetarianism

The so-called pescetarian diet is on the ninth place (vegetarianism in combination with seafood). Pesco-vegetarians do not eat the meat of warm-blooded animals, but can include dairy products and eggs in their diet.

10. Flexitarian Diet

The list would not be complete without flexitarian diet. It is based on mostly vegetable diet, with occasional cases of consuming animal meat.

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