What to Do If Your Package Got Stolen?

The United States Postal Service often delivers packages to consumers’ doorstep. Parcels left unattended may attract those who love quick money. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has been fighting petty crooks for a long time, helped by actor Macaulay Culkin, who became famous for his rather tough pranks of thieves in the films “Home Alone”.

Enthusiast Rober runs his own YouTube channel, which already has three high-tech parcel thieves prank videos using covert filming, smartphones and GPS sensors. Macaulay Culkin willingly helps Rober improve the traps.

Technically, the trap is a group of four smartphones that take pictures of intruders and a GPS sensor that allows you to determine the movement of the package from the customer’s doorstep. The tech trap is disguised as a package with Buzz headphones (the name of Culkin’s character’s brother in the movie).

When the crook begins to open the package, a mechanism is triggered inside the box, shooting sparkles and spraying a pungent smell. After that, the smartphones start the countdown in the voice of a young Culkin, and the police wave is broadcast afterward.

Panic-stricken criminals try to get rid of the package and throw it into the trash can, where Rober finds the device using a GPS sensor. No one reports the incident to the police, but the scammers do not know about this.

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