Learning How to Handstand

Physical exercise is essential. This is considering how it can help you feel better physically and even mentally. For this reason, you should not be too overwhelmed with activities at the expense of having your regular drills and workout.

You have to consider all the benefits associated with physical exercises as this will motivate you to be consistent with your exercises.

However, physical exercise has to be strategic and deliberate. This means that you should not do a random exercise because you must know the effects on your body. For instance, while some are meant to help you lose fat, some help to gather fat in specific parts of your body.

So, you need to know what your needs are and only carry out drills that help you meet those needs. In light of this, this article will help address a physical exercise that can help you achieve many physical and a few mental goals.

Let us talk about the Handstand exercise!

What Is Handstand?

As the name suggests, it is a physical drill that involves the entire body resting solely on the hands. There are also more technical varieties that require the balance of the whole body on just one hand.

The position of the exercise is also why the tag “stand” is attached to the name. The exercise is done in such a manner that the body is positioned upside down. A good handstand should be able to maintain balance for a while without unnecessarily shaking and falling.

Do People Really do handstands?

The truth is that many people avoid exercises like handstand for many reasons. Some of them think that the exercise is childish and only something children will/should be interested in doing.

This is not true. This physical drill has the ability to develop vital parts of the body, especially those located in the upper part. It also ensures that balance is not a problem in the long run for those that perform it.

Another reason many people (especially adults) avoid this drill is because of how scary it is. A good number of them think that they can fall and injure themselves if they indulge in this exercise.

While there is an element of truth to this, learning the appropriate way to perform the drill will help a lot. To do this, you simply cannot bank on a random gym instructor but someone who has learned and perfected the ropes.

This will ensure that you practice the exercise in the right manner, eliminating the chances of getting injured in the process. You can check this for more information on the need for proper guidance when performing this exercise.

Tips on Finding a Good Handstand Instructor

To find an instructor capable enough to teach you how to perform a handstand, here are some things you should look out for:

An Instructor who can Perform the Handstand Drill Effectively

This might seem like the obvious thing to do, but we have heard tales of people who have enrolled with acclaimed professionals who cannot maintain balance while hand-standing.

You have to get the facts straight by finding out if the instructor can perform the exercise well enough. We are not merely talking about the ability to rest on the hands while s/he is upside down. Furthermore, s/he must be able to maintain balance for a while and even move in that manner.

An Instructor with Good Communicative Skill

We have seen a great deal of these instructors. The truth is that many of them are great at what they do – hand-standing, but still have a problem as instructors. This is due to the fact that they have poor teaching skills.

Many of them are unable to effectively communicate their message to the students who need to understand how the drill should be properly carried out. For instance, they use technical terms that are hard to understand and cannot simplify things for their students.

You need to be aware of how learning under such an instructor is complex and almost near impossible. So, make sure you are certain the instructor is good in practice and with communication skills. This makes the process easy.

As a matter of fact, a good instructor can even teach you how to perform the process. This will require some visual tutorials that allow you to imitate him and adhere to instructions. In the same vein, learning by physically meeting with the instructor can be a lot better.

Benefits of the Handstand Exercise

There are tons of benefits that are attached to performing the handstand exercise. Some of them include:

Strengthening the Upper Part of the Body

Several physical drills help you develop the upper part of your body. Examples include various kinds of pushups, plank drills, and bench presses.

If you are interested in knowing more about such exercises, you can visit Menshealth.com.

However, the development of the body’s upper part is a step further with the handstand. This is since the weight of the entire body has to be relaxed on the hand and other parts of the upper body.

Helps you Develop Balance

To effectively carry out this physical drill, there is the utmost need to maintain balance. As a result, the balance developed in the process will help you even when you are not exercising. Other benefits include proper circulation of blood and the ability to calm one’s mood.


The handstand exercise is a very helpful physical drill for many reasons. However, you need the service of a good instructor to know how to effectively perform this exercise. This is so that you get the benefits and avoid injuring yourself.

To achieve this, we have shared tips on what you are to consider before hiring any instructor online or offline and advise that you adhere to them.

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