Internet Must-See: Tights That Give Hairy Appearance

The Internet pounces on everything unusual, but it’s not often that the unusual is provided by a serious clothes company – and totally inadvertently to boot. Which is the case with a picture of tights featuring on the website of the J. Crew company.

Lace tights with hairy effect

Their new pair of £14 lace tights give a definite appearance that the model hasn’t been shaving her legs for quite a while! Circulating about the Internet, the picture earned the product an unofficial name of “Hairy Tights”.

Of course, fashion experts were quick with a rebuff, saying that the hairy effect is occasional. It is caused by “the season’s textural mash-up” and appears only at a certain distance in what in all other respects is a perfectly normal pair of lace tights.

Some women will have to think twice before taking offence at a hairy leg joke from now on – it may have been just a mixture of faulty eyesight and a certain distance…

Source of the image: Newslite.