Funeral Strippers Banned in China

There will be no more pole dance during funeral in China. This is what the Ministry of Culture of the country has taken care of. To prevent such practices, the officials plan to involve the police, which are obliged to be on duty at cemeteries to drive strippers away and to arrest the organizers of mourning shows, who basically happen to be the relatives of the deceased.


The tradition of inviting strippers to the funeral has existed in China for a long time. According to ancient beliefs, the more people will come to say goodbye to the deceased, the more successful this person is going to be in the afterlife. But apart from the mystical nature, this unusual practice has a quite mercantile explanation – a large number of visitors underline the importance of the deceased and the status of the family, which has lost a relative.

To attract visitors to the mourning ceremony, the mourners demonstrate films, invite singing artists (including opera singers), and so on. But striptease is the most effective “bait”, of course.

The first performances of exotic dancers at the funeral became known in 2006, when the police arrested five businessmen, who had organized the show. Then the scandal broke out, and no one dared to organize erotic dancing in cemeteries for a few years after that. At least, not a single dancer was arrested.

However, in early 2015, the photos from the funeral in Hebei Province leaked in the Internet. The mourners invited the girls, who were dancing and taking off their underwear. The pictures collected thousands of likes in the Internet and were eventually seen by the staff of the Chinese Ministry of Culture. What angered the officials most of all was the presence of children at such shows watching the half-naked beauties with fascination.

The organizer of the unforgettable funeral spectacle was quickly found and imprisoned for 15 days after being previously fined with 70,000 yuan (over 11 thousand dollars). After this incident, striptease was officially banned at the cemetery in China.

The fact related to the topic:
However, the officials are not going to ban such traditions in Taiwan, neighboring with China, and the relatives of the deceased do not see anything to be ashamed of in such a service. For example, in April 2015 a local resident invited two strippers to the funeral of her spouse.

She explained her decision saying that she wanted the event to be memorable in case her husband could see what was happening there.