12 Weirdest Ebay Auctions of All Times

Sometimes all of us catch ourselves thinking that we live among very strange people. Let us make sure of this once again and find out the 12 most unusual lots for sale on Ebay.


12. Britney Spears’ pregnancy test


Yes, someone was so interested in Britney Spears’ secrets that he or she was not above rummaging the garbage can in the hotel room where Britney Spears and her the then husband, Kevin Federline, stayed. They found a used pregnancy test and decided to put it up for sale at Ebay! 89.9 Ottawa Radio purchased the lot for $ 5,000!

11. Holy Mary cheese toast


Goldenpalace.com bought a cheese toast, which was 10 years old, for 28 000 dollars! This is not just an aged a sandwich, it has the image of Holy Mary. A woman who fried the toast saw nothing until she bit into it. She was shocked because Holy Mary was looking at her. The woman immediately placed the sandwich into a plastic bag with cotton balls and put it up for auction, as she needed cash. After 10 years, it was purchased!

10. A used paper tissue used by Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson once blew her nose into a Kleenex tissue at The Tonight Show. The tissue was placed in a plastic bag and put up for auction. An anonymous buyer paid $5,300 for it.

9. Lady Gaga’s Artificial Nail


A janitor found Lady Gaga’s acrylic nail while cleaning the stage after her performance. The black-and-gold artificial nail belonging to the epatage singer, with remnants of glue and her original nail, was sold for 13,000 dollars! A crazy purchase!

8. John Lennon’s bad tooth


A Canadian dentist paid 30,500 Canadian dollars to John Lennon’s housekeeper for the singer’s bad tooth. The dentist placed the tooth in a capsule and displayed it in his office as a treasure. Fans from all over the world come to the dentist to look at Lennon’s tooth.

7. Jennifer Lawrence’s dirty bra


Jennifer Lawrence’s dirty sports bra, which she wore during the rehearsals on the set of the “Silver Linings Playbook” film, was sold for 3175 dollars! By the way, not only the sweaty bra was sold, but also the long-sleeved shirt worn over the bra. What a piece of luck!

6. Slobbered football card


Michael Vick’s football cards, slobbered by his two dogs, were put up at the auction. Somebody got interested in the chewed cards of a mediocre football player accused of cruelty to animals, and spent 7,400 dollars on it! The money reportedly went to a local animal rescue organization.

5. Ex-wife’s wedding dress


Larry Starr put up the wedding dress of his ex-wife to auction. He even tried on the size 12 dress himself. Larry’s life after the wedding was full of disappointments and sorrow. He decided to earn a little on the wedding dress of his ex-spouse. The highest rates were $ 3,500, but the money has not been paid since.

4. The right to name the baby


A woman from the state of Connecticut auctioned the right to name her newborn baby. The auction was won by the web portal GoldenPalace.com! Now the baby is named after the portal: Golden Palace Benedetto. The mother started calling the child Goldie. There was another case. A woman tattooed “Golden palace.com” on her forehead for $ 10,000, since their bid won. Money was needed for her son studying in a private school.

3. Pants from the uniform of a concentration camp prisoner


A Canadian, Victor Kampf, sold the striped prison uniform pants for $ 18,000. They belonged to a Jew, who was held in Auschwitz and was executed by the Nazis in the gas chamber. Though Ebay has restrictions in respect to the lots relating to works of art and war trophies, the pants were still on display, together with toothbrushes and hair curlers of Holocaust victims. The seller was denied access by the moderators of the auction, but only after the sale took place.

2. The picture that came to life


The painting called The Hands Resist Him depicts a boy and a girl with strange facial expressions standing in front of the window. In the window, you can see a horrendous pair of hands that want to grab the kids. The painting was created by Bill Stoneham based on the photograph of his children. Many people who were associated with the picture, died mysteriously. Actor John Marley (best known for the film “The Godfather”) bought the painting and put it on sale again after a short time, as unexplained troubles started happening with his kids. The picture was sold for 1025 dollars in Michigan. The collector keeps the painting in a closed collection.

1. Virginity


Carys Copestakes put her virginity up for auction for $ 10 000. The businessman, who made the biggest bet didn’t make use of it, but gave her the money she needed to go to college. The parents are proud of their daughter’s ingenuity!

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