Top 10 Most Hated Chores

A recent survey designed to disclose people’s attitudes to chores was completed – and the results that emerged are not very predictable ones! Compare with your own dislike of chores: are you of those whose least liked duty is dusting and making order in the bedroom? It appears that the task is resented by all but 11% of participants, with 32% preferring to clean kitchens instead.

While doing bedrooms belongs to the unpleasantest chores, there are some that top the list. Doing laundry emerged as a singular winner, with 37% of participants opting for this chore notwithstanding the fact that it is virtually endless.

Cleaning comes in a variety of habits, and the survey reveals them all, starting with deep-cleaning. Naturally this is an arduous thing to do, so 31% of respondents confessed to never, or very rarely, getting round to it.

Meanwhile an astounding (but probably understandable) 78% owned up to sweeping clutter out of sight into closets or other suchlike places when they are called upon to do last-minute cleaning.

Now as for the chores in order of their hatefulness according to the majority of our neighbors:

1. Pressing clothes

If we look into the related survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics we will find that Australian men are not inclined to spend their time on laundry, while women do it almost 6 times more in all. About 50% of the British are ready to agree with this, although busying oneself in the kitchen and cleaning are more preferable activities.

2. Getting rid of dust

Let’s remind ourselves that dust is basically made up of skin cells, fibers, excrements from dust mites, particles of dirt and stuff that is meant to stay outside but gets in one way or another. There’s no question about the importance of dusting on a regular basis. If there is too much dirt, it may end up in breathing problems and allergic reactions.

3. Washing up after meals

Unwashed plates lying about in the sink become infested with harmful bacteria, probably even E. coli and salmonella, very quickly – from whence after a while they can get on your hands and eventually to what you are going to eat.

4. Making the bathroom spotless

According to a bathroom-focused study, in more than a quarter of all cases bathtubs revealed the presence of staphylococcus bacteria. They are quite innocuous usually, still they might multiply in the body and cause infections. It’s better to see the bathroom is well-scrubbed than to risk infection.

5. Hanging out laundered clothes, folding and placing them

When Clorox wished to know about the kinds of cleaning people prefer or shun, as much as 37% of more than 1200 respondents chose doing the laundry as their most pleasant option. Ever-going laundering seems to be something nobody minds doing.

6. Window-cleaning

Tricky business, cleaning he windows: first you spend much time and effort on it, and then you notice that you failed to get rid of streaks, after all. Is there a way to avoid leaving streaks on otherwise cleaner panes? Since streaking is always the result of soapy mixtures, you can do without it and prepare a solution combined of water and vinegar in equal proportions. Also, wielding a microfiber cloth or a chamois can help get rid of those irritating streaks.

7. Making sure the stovetop and oven are clean

Experts insist the stovetop and oven be cleaned monthly. Better brace yourself for going over them carefully and thoroughly.

8. Mop-up business

As you set about mopping up, it is advisable to begin with sweeping or vacuum-cleaning the floor first and then pick up the mop. If you omit the preliminary stage, you can mop dust around all over the floor. It will be even worse if your in-living pets regularly contribute to the mess.

9. Getting the toilet hygienic

If we believe a household bacteria study carried out by the University of Arizona, your toilet is sure to be run over by germs and bacteria. There’s nothing left but to be committed to its thorough cleaning! As the study has it, flushing can be compared to a rainstorm, sending bacteria which might include E. coli or salmonella flying around freely, so they can be found on seats, handles, and whatever that can offer them convenient landing places.

10. Trouble-free vacuuming

How do you get your vacuum cleaner cord in – by pressing down on the rewind with your foot? Without denying the pleasure of watching it slither away like it were alive and scared, we should remark that it is not the safe way to do it if you want to keep your cord undamaged for as long as it’s possible. Better pick up the cord and retract it with your hand.

Now there could be other chores competing for high places if the survey included options like pairing socks, writing out to-do lists and fighting the desire to prevaricate.

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