Steasy Lunchbox Will Warm Up Your Lunch

The high speed of modern life does not always allow you to enjoy delicious and warm home-cooked food. Steasy has come to help office workers, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, presenting a compact new product that allows them to quickly, autonomously and effectively heat a small lunch.

The smart lunch box is no bigger than the traditional food containers. However, the ability to heat and control heating with your smartphone makes Steasy a useful and enjoyable gadget that provides you with proper nutrition.

The device consists of three parts: a sealed lid, a water storage tank with a heating element and a smaller food storage tank. The latter tank is placed inside the water-filled tank and closed with a lid. Steasy then heats the water to steam, which in turn heats the food container.

The heating element is powered by a built-in battery that supports fast charging technology. A special application, through which the user controls the gadget allows you to set delayed heating 15 minutes before the lunch break.