Things All Girls on Vacation Do & Never Confess

We are always looking forward to fun vacation time. But when the wait becomes conspicuously shorter with each passing day and we start thinking preparations, and then we board the plane and arrive at our destination, each sex quickly assumes its habitual manners and does certain things that are typical only for guys – or for girls. While the other sex may be surprised or even totally baffled by some habits displayed by – say – women, every woman understands perfectly why the other woman is doing it. These things may be funny, foolish or absolutely irrelevant, but no reason is good enough to forgo them.

Oh, it doesn’t mean that this is only about guilty secrets. Some habits are conducive to broadening the mind and the soul, seeing the world and marveling at its beauty. Whatever. We are saying that there are things that every girl would do – and if by some rummy chance she won’t, she will certainly identify with the idea (and do it the next time around!). Such small habits can go for guys and girls, or for girls only, or for single guys or girls only – when there is no-one to interfere with their ideas and plans. These are a single girl’s predilections and notions about what the best vacation should include.


Old-hands of traveling are unanimous over the subject of packing: don’t pack too much. Think what you can obtain at your destination and leave these items at home. It also relates to clothes which take up a lot of space in your suitcases; you surely won’t need that much. Make use of professionals’ tips like take three skirts/pantaloons and three tops that will allow for nine different outfits. Probably boys heed this advice, but not girls who will always think of something else to take along because they would surely love to wear it. Then they don’t get round to this particular piece, and finally there appear to be quite a lot of clothes left unworn. It seems girls don’t expect to find laundromats and cleaners where they go and are worried lest they have a lot of dirty clothes on their hands. Anyway, they believe it’s better to err on the safe side, and pack some items more.

Overeating (it’s safer in another place?)

One of vacation’s magic tricks is that it suddenly turns girls omnivorous. Choosing food and counting calories are definitely off. Everything that is put before them is eaten up to the last morsel and drunk up to the last drop. It is as if she turned to quite another kind of person and doesn’t even know what a calorie is. The food disappears from her plate as if it never existed. Meanwhile the girl seems certain that this feasting won’t harm her waistline at all. Magically it all ought to come off all right at the end. Unfortunately, this kind of magic invariably fails, and the calories begin to amass in accordance with the saying – moments on the lips, forever on the hips. Your stomach doesn’t know what a vacation is, it keeps working in its usual manner.

Vacation food must be perpetuated

Of the charms vacation food holds its sight must be one of the strongest. All of a sudden every girl wants her every meal to remain in memory forever. So she turns an active food blogger and, before pouncing on her victuals, she photographs the table and uploads the pic on her social profile. It happens at double speed if today’s meal offers something unusual and striking-looking, not to be found at home. Food blogging is serviced by a great deal of filters, and any girl has at least a dozen of these on her smartphone. They are extensively used to make food look brighter and tastier, filtering makes even usual stuff seem more romantic, or, if you go for it, retro or avant garde. A photo collection of a girl’s meals throughout her vacation becomes a kind of a journal milestoning her fun time there. As soon as she hits on a high-class restaurant, there will be pictures of the location added to stir the envy of the viewers.

Buying sunscreen in abundance

Sun and skin are not such great friends that they need no watching over – on the contrary, when exposed to the sun your skin needs a lot of attention. Summer is the time to get re-acquainted with the properties of new sunscreen lotions, which is not such a simple task if you want to get exactly what you need. So girls begin reading up on it. Coming back with a tanned skin is very nice, but no-one wants to hurt or damage the skin to get one. Now, girls on vacation can prefer a lazier lifestyle or a more active one. It makes a difference, so lotions must be chosen in accordance with your kind of attitude. Those who opt for lazying about should choose natural plant-based sunscreen lotions which shield the hair and the skin from the rays. The difficulty with these lotions is that some of them can give oily looks and some others matte, which may be important. It can be worth your while to purchase a few lotions for various situations.

A big novel that is left unread

Did you happen to notice a lone girl holding a thick book in her hand? More often you see her on a bus or in a train, opening the impressive volume, perusing half a page and then shutting it softly. Her bookmarker is not likely to get much further than the first page. The serious novel advised by every literature expert in the country will fade away before a magazine picked up at the air terminal. The fate of The Winter of Our Discontent, Something Happened or The Caine Mutiny is to remain buried deep in the suitcase whilst the owner reads up the latest about Kim Kardashian, imbibes the advice of Mama June on weight loss, checks up whether there is somebody famous in the place and gets acquainted with local lipstick collections. Back at home it will join some other unread novels bought for past vacations sleeping on the shelf.

Getting a tan (and a cause for complaint)

Girls rarely forget to get stocked on sunscreen stuff, what they often forget is to put it on. Then they can go for the wrong kind of lotion because lotions need careful choosing and there is no time to read labels. But if they are experts in this and know how to choose the right lotion, that doesn’t give them any guarantee against getting suntanned. Beauty experts say people don’t always grasp the intricacies of tanning and protection. For example, a recent study conducted by Britain’s Royal Pharmaceutical Society discovered that a lot of people tend to ignore the SPF rating on the bottle. Probably we need tags that are easily understood by everyone without doing research on them. Anyway, you shouldn’t think that if you apply your lotion regularly it will prevent you from tanning. Those who stay in the sun for many hours day after day will come home tanned despite any protection.

Everything is the best

We expect uninterrupted fun during vacations, but that does not always happen this way. Hotels, food, guides, transport – any and all of these may be at failure and provide us with manifold causes for displeasure. But the girls’ social media followers will never get to hear about that – for their sake everything will be labeled the best ever! There will be the best-in-the-world burgers, the best ever sea and the most beautiful sunsets. Such an attitude can make girls think positive and find a good side of every inconvenience. The hotel was less than decent, but the receptionist was sooo handsome; the guide was atrocious, but the views were like nowhere else; the food was garbage-like, but the restaurant looked like Taj Mahal.

A vacation without shopping? Nah

When on vacation, everything is different except one thing… shopping. That’s what no girl would dream of going without. So as soon as she gets to her destination, a shopping spree begins. Now those things she buys, chances are she won’t need them ever. Like those girls who, when on a visit to Australia, stocked on kangaroo scrotums. Apart from the fact that these things are sold at airport gift stores, there was no earthly reason to buy them. Kangaroo scrotums come in two kinds: a more realistic-looking furry one, sometimes fitted with a key chain, and a sort of a soft-leather pouch. You may want them after all for putting small items in, but won’t they look a little weird when brought home? Or if you purchase useful stuff, think if you can’t buy it at home cheaper or at a bargain price.

Losing the way

Maps are almost by definition not female things. Girls may keep maps in their handbags or use Google Maps to get their bearings about the unknown location they chose for their vacations. Some of them are quite adept at locating restaurants and bars – yet getting to the place they found seems to be a vastly different proposition. Cabs will be only too glad to get them there, but there are always those who would wander off happily on their own sure that their feet will carry them to the very spot. That can be fun, even if you eventually find yourself in another district altogether, and you can even end up at a better pub – so you may be almost advised to get lost and gain a new experience, in case you are set for as many adventures as you can reasonably get.

Appearing terrible in photos

Vacation invariably means lots of photos taken, by you, by everyone around you, and of you. And therein lies a horrible, horrible danger of pics leaking where you look not like you would have liked to. Some girls feel they look awful in practically every picture they appear in, although that often means that they want to be gainsaid and told that they look just gorgeous, but a number of them can be really unhappy about how they came off. In this case such girls go after the photographer begging them to delete the photo in which she doesn’t like her face, her expression or her posture. Better still, all the photos, and all traces there might be of the offending pics had better be removed, too. They are sure that all your friends, when shown your vacation pictures, will start inquiring about that terrible-looking girl who is the second from the left. Is there anyone who will gladly miss a girl who doesn’t look her best? Not in this life. So, delete it.

Go overboard into the alcohol sea

Both guys and girls pride themselves on their ability to hold alcohol. While at home it can be so, on a vacation one should really be chary of overindulging. You can find a place that, at a fixed price, allows you to imbibe as much as you can stomach, so when you get to such a place, you feel you can let rip. Girls generally start off at a slow pace and then speed up gradually. Many of these places also have a dance floor where the girl can show her dancing prowess and then get thirsty, go drink more and go back again to dance it off. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t go on and on because commitments and obligations got left in another life. The evening is one long enjoyment, so why stop? You are far from home and the whole point is to forget whatever woes and grievances can be waiting for you there. Drink away all that’s bad in your life and go shaking your tail feather. This is what the doctor ordered for the vacation, isn’t it?

What a joy it is to be single!

At home girls may be in two minds about their single status, or even take a dim view of it. But when away on a vacation, either alone or with a single friend, it dawns on them that they can be happy as larks this way. It is the time when they feel they can do what they like without taking anyone’s views into account, they don’t depend on anyone’s opinions and they don’t hang on anyone’s lips. Being single means being free, and being free on a vacation is something awesome. They can have fun, be responsible to no-one and don’t have to argue with anybody over what to do on the next day. Their happiness is in their own hands, and they can enjoy it down to the ground. How nice it is to feel a complete master of your life.

Wanting to come back

Many vacation trips are “best ever” only for social followers, but some of them really are! If it’s so, and the girl felt her hopes and dreams were surpassed manifold, she can’t but want to return there the following year. Whether it was the hotel, the food, the people or the sights, it produced a strong impression on her and she feels that a part of her heart remained here. It could be she encountered someone who became very special for her. Then comes the time when she has to go back home, but she has bonded with this place somehow. The wish to promise to come back is great, and the promise is given freely to the person she has grown fond of, into the air and to all the gods she can remember… Who knows what tomorrow may bring? It might come to pass, or, on the other hand, it might get blown away by the winds of change. What will be will be.

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