Painful But Not Permanent: What to Do When You Hate Your Tattoo

Maybe you made a rash decision to get a tattoo and now regret it, or maybe you’ve just had enough of the one you decided to get a long time ago: either way, there are many times in life when you just want to get rid of that ink.

The good news is that “permanent” ink isn’t really so permanent. There are several ways you can get rid of a tattoo, for whatever reason you may have. Some are more painful than others and some cost a lot more than others, but there are options for you if you decide that it’s time to get rid of one or many tattoos. Here’s a quick guide to give you a few ideas.

Laser Removal

Laser removal is probably the most effective way to get rid of unwanted ink. Because the tattoo process embeds ink beneath your skin — which is why a tattoo has always been considered permanent — getting all of that ink off can be a painful challenge for other processes. Laser removal uses ultra-fast lasers to break apart the ink left behind so that your body can dispose of it.

The ink left behind from the tattoo process is too big for your body to absorb, otherwise, your white blood cells would be able to attack the ink and it would fade very quickly. Laser removal does just that: it destroys the ink particles into smaller chunks so your white blood cells can remove them.

Laser removal will take several rounds of treatment, especially for larger pieces. The darker the ink, the easier it is to break down as well, so if you have a light tattoo, you may need extra treatments. You may experience some scarring, but if you want a tattoo removed quickly and permanently, there’s no better option than laser treatment.

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This tattoo removal process is just what it sounds like: a therapist rubs sandpaper over the tattoo until it is gone. This process is also as painful as it sounds.

The sandpaper is rubbed over the tattoo until the top layer of your skin is rubbed away and the ink starts to fade. This requires several treatments and each treatment will last an hour or so. Also, the risk of scarring is very high.

So why do people choose to sandpaper their tattoo? Because it’s one of the cheapest methods of tattoo removal. For just a few hundred dollars, you can get nearly any tattoo removed by sandpapering. And, it should go without saying, you should never try to do this yourself. There is a risk of serious injury and scarring, so let a professional give you the treatment.

Chemical Peel

One of the oldest methods of tattoo removal is using a chemical peel to eat away at your tattoo so that it fades and eventually disappears.

The chemicals used will create a blister that peels away, taking the unwanted ink along with it. You will need to visit a surgery center for this process, as the chemicals are dangerous for those who aren’t trained properly and they are not readily available for consumers. Usually, patients report a burning sensation and numbness after treatments.

There are a few natural creams that are available over the counter that claim to do the same thing, so you may want to research a little and see if there’s one that will work for you.


The cryosurgery tattoo removal process uses an extremely cold spray that induces frostbite in the areas of your tattoo. Once the skin has been frozen, it is scraped away with a dermabrasion agent, such as a salt rub.

Cryosurgery is a fairly effective treatment for tattoo removal, but there are a few drawbacks. First, it can be rather expensive: since it’s considered surgery, you will have to pay for anesthesia and other medical procedures. Plus, tattoo removal is considered “cosmetic surgery,” so your insurance plan probably won’t cover it. Secondly, cryosurgery isn’t very good for tattoos with a lot of light colors, such as yellows and greens.

These are some of the most popular tattoo removal options. Some of them cost more and some of them are more painful, but for the most part, they are all effective at getting rid of unwanted ink. Depending on your budget and your pain threshold, some may be better for you than others. Do a little research and see which one seems right for you.

Victor Beyer, owner, and founder of Rethink the Ink is a world-renowned expert in the tattoo removal process; in fact, certified technicians from around the world travel to Rethink the Inks Denver studio to train on the advanced techniques we are using. Victor Beyer has been helping people enter the laser tattoo removal industry from all over the world. He has provided tattoo removal education to some of the industries top medical and professional leaders. He won’t give you unnecessary information to fill time he gets right to the heart of tattoo removal. As the owner of multiple businesses, Victor is able to provide some insight from the perspective of a practitioner and owner. He looks forward to starting your journey or helping you with your journey in laser tattoo removal.

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