Reasons to Sleep in Your Socks

Sleep problems are now experienced by a huge part of the world’s population. Schoolchildren and older people are equally at risk. After all, in the course of the day, we are constantly confronted with factors provoking insomnia: from stress at work to disturbing news on TV. In addition, the main enemy of healthy sleep is always in front of your eyes – the screen of your computer and your smartphone. But there is one simple thing that will help to improve the situation. It already lies in your wardrobe!


Want to sleep better? Tired of counting the sheep at midnight and then waking up from every rustle? The simplest thing that you can do today in order to ease your nightly suffering is to go to bed… in your socks. By the way, science approves of this method.

According to a research published in the International Weekly Journal of Science, the subjects who were wearing their socks in bed fell asleep on average 15 minutes faster. They reacted less to external stimuli, which used to wake them up in the middle of the night. Scientists explain this effect as follows: if you warm your feet, the vessels expand and send a signal to the brain to switch to the “sleep mode”. After all, the same process occurs when you naturally fall asleep. Warmth is distributed from your feet all over the body, which also contributes to falling asleep as fast as possible.

Another nice bonus is that socks increase the likelihood of orgasm in women. The reason is vasodilation again. Doesn’t it sound convincing enough to go to bed in warm socks today?

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