6 Worst Things Men Could Do to Their Hair

Who said that men do not care about their appearance? Yes, for someone it may be enough to be “a little more attractive than a monkey”, but many individuals with the Y-chromosome take care of themselves better than some young ladies. Even without compromising their masculinity. For instance, men care about their hair. In order not to lose their precious haircut and a kilogram of nerves in advance of time, find out about the six worst things that you can do with your hair.

Men may not be too interested in women’s hair: not everyone will notice their beloved woman’s new “watercolor” dyeing for one-tenth of the tone or trimmed hair ends “according to the latest trend in fashion”. But a new gray hair or a suddenly thinning line of hair growth on their own head can be the reason for men’s poor sleep and long conversations with a psychoanalyst. Okay, let’s not dramatize. Professional stylists advise at least not to do the things from this list. Even this little innovation will significantly prolong the life of your hair.

1. Washing your hair too often

Most men wash their hair daily. Though this habit is good in terms of personal hygiene in general, it is not so useful for hair in particular. Daily washing can dry the scalp (especially if you use a powerful cleansing shampoo or anti-dandruff remedy), which affects the nutrition of the hair roots. As a result, they receive less nutrients, which provokes hair loss. In order not to lose more hair than you need, teach yourself to wash your hair at least once every two to three days. Use shampoos with a soft, gentle formula. For example, the ones marked “for daily use”.

2. Wiping the head with a towel too intensively

Does it sound funny? Maybe. But it harms the hair quite seriously. Intensive “drying” with a towel damages and stretches the hair because it is most vulnerable in a wet state. Instead of this unnecessarily active procedure, gently squeeze the hair with a towel or even a natural cotton T-shirt immediately after the shower and without making any effort. This will be enough to absorb excess moisture. Then let it dry naturally. And never brush your wet hair.

3. Failing to visit a hairdresser often enough

Have you got a successful haircut? Excellent! Put up with the fact that beauty needs to be maintained. Despite the rain, snow and alien invasion, you need to visit your hairdresser once a month. Between these visits to the hairdresser, use wax or gel to model the hairstyle, but do not abuse it.

4. Trying to dye gray hair at home

No, no, and NO. If gray hair interferes with your peaceful living, go to the salon and talk to the stylist. Trying to dye gray hair at home is the last thing we can recommend. The result may be too unexpected.

5. Doing a fashionable haircut that you do not like

Maybe it does not suit you just because it is “fashionable.” Even such a trifle can make you feel uncomfortable and, as a result, it will spoil your mood on a daily basis. What for? There are many other reasons to be stressed.

6. Trying to mask the signs of baldness

Alas, it is useless to argue with genetics. The current US President reminds from the screens every day how comical the attempts to “disguise” lost hair may look. Be humble, relax and consult with a good hairdresser – choosing a successful and stylish haircut for thinning hair is not difficult. Besides, changing the image from time to time is very useful.

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